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Erica Hill speaks with Better Homes and Gardens' Melissa Goldstein about the most effective anti-aging products on the market.

Health magazine's Frances Largeman-Roth shared with Rebecca Jarvis ways to reset your beauty biological clock with anti-aging tricks for a brighter smile, smoother legs, and more.

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Take a daily probiotic supplement (Culturelle):
- increases antibodies the body produces in intestines, macrophage that kill bacteria, T-Cell white blood cell count that fight infection.

Vitamin D:
- fights infections, increases production of a protein called cathelicidin which directly fights bacteria and viruses.
- People who were deficient in vitamin D got respiratory infections 36% more.

Green Tea (Yogi):
- is a miracle beverage, loaded with antioxidants called catechins found to increase T-Cell count like probiotics.

20 Minute Massage:
- 20 minute massage can help decrease cortisol levels, a stress hormone.
- Cortisol can weaken the immune system, lowering cortisol can help improve your immune system.

- study found people with friends have a healthier immune system.
- cortisol is found to be higher in people who are isolated and lonely.

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Thomas Roberts talks with author Annie Murphy Paul about her new book "Origins".

- Diabetes, stress & Obesity begin partially in the womb.
- Depressed women likely to give birth prematurely.

- Pregnant women need moderate stress level.
- Fish and chocolate good during pregnancy.

- When women got PTSD following 911 babies were born with the same biological marker, passing on trauma.
- If a women is diabetic we can intervene with that child to make sure that they don't go on to develop diabetes.

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From wearing ponytails to washing your face with hot water, Melissa Matthews, of Woman's Day magazine, reveals which steps of your beauty regimen may actually be doing more harm than good.

- Wash hair then face.
- Too much moisturizer can clog your pores.
- Not washing your face at nights clogs your pores.
- Cleansing with too hot water can cause capillaries under the skin to burst.

- Fluffy pillows are better than a firm one.
- Sleeping on the same side of your face can promote wrinkles.
- Drinking through a straw can lead to wrinkles around mouth.
- Skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body the more stretch and pull the more it is going to sag.

- Pony tails should be loose and not tight.

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Tips from beauty expert Maggie Gallant.

- hyper pigmentation is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.
- what can help with brightening and hyper pigmentation , 'Even Better' by Clinique, KIEHL'S has a kit.
- the area around the eyes, LA MER eye balm intense, famed for finding and harvesting the most healing properties of ocean algae.
- the chest area, SPONGE skin care a line from greece, harvesting avocado oil.
- Exfoliation, POND'S wet cleansing towelettes, during the summer there is a lot of dead skin cells from damage from the sun.

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- An intimate study of three women given ciprofloxacin showed the drug suppressed entire populations of beneficial bacteria,
- Microbes in the intestines help digest food and "good" germs can take up space and keep bad germs away. -- Gut microbes can affect obesity and may play a role in allergy. -- Lactobacillus reuteri, found in breast milk, may protect against rotavirus infections,

Several recent studies have found that certain bacteria cause inflammation that can affect appetite as well as inflammatory bowel conditions like Crohn's disease and colitis.

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- jump rope can burn up to 12 calories per minute.
- hula hoop helps to tone your waist.
- stability ball and free weights to work the chest.
- gliding discs for lunges and leg exercise.
- a playground ball to squeeze between your legs while doing crunches.
- tennis ball will help you role out sore muscles or self massage.

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- The Doctors 5 minute Health Fixes
- Your health is defined by small decisions you make everyday, 5 minutes or less that make a huge difference in your health.
- Better food choices and small things that can reduce stress.
- Sex, date night, taking a vacation very important for women.
- Dipper creme is a great moisturizer, great anti-aging creme full of zinc, vitamin A, D, C.
- Eat a piece of dark chocolate once a day for 2 weeks can lower your blood pressure.

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