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Family of Vancouver Police Officer Who Died by Suicide Suing Department ("Sextortion" FBI, "Ineffective Guidelines and Policies")

psychological harassment, psychological manipulation, .. "harassment from two senior officers she had been in a sexual relationship. The suit outlines disturbing

Why Spending Time on Hobbies Makes You a Better Person

Creative activities outside of work may help boost your job performance, a new study suggests.

‘French psychiatry has gone downhill in part because of American influence’

“pioneering and innovating” to faltering – and that American hegemony is partly to blame for the French decline.

Longevity, anti-aging specialists simply refer to it as "T." - CNN iReport (article link)

Dr. Harvey Bartnof is the founder of the California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute. -- Testosterone is naturally produced primarily through a man's testes. -- The hormone helps regulate bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength, red blood cell production, sex drive and sperm production,

It's Now Officially Illegal In Ontario For Your Boss to Bug You at Home After-Hours

The act aims to create a better work-life balance for workers and give them the "right to disconnect"

Sleep-deprived teens take more risks - CNN (article link)

Researchers say that lack of sufficient sleep is associated with risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, being sexually active, using marijuana, lower physical activity, and feeling sad or helpless.

“Insufficient sleep on school nights is common and is associated with participation in health risk behaviors including substance use, fighting, and consideration of suicide,”

President Obama commemorates Veterans Day - (7 videos)

Obama commemorates Veterans Day, Note Obamacare saves lives by helping people with preexisting conditions, mental health, PTSD, another movement involves jobs for returning vets, NBC videos.

People With Depression Are More Likely To Believe Misinformation About COVID Vaccines

Depression can exacerbate negativity bias, which led a team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to investigate

Blood Pressure Crises Sending More Americans to the ER

Dangerously high blood pressure more than doubled in the United States from 2002 to 2014, new research shows.

Black Women Are Dying of Cervical Cancer at a Disproportionally High Rate

Black women are dying of cervical cancer at a disproportionally higher rate than white women, a new study finds.

Want to Prevent Bone Loss as You Age? Eating Prunes Each Day Could Help

Can help prevent or delay bone loss in older women. "In postmenopausal women, lower levels of estrogen can trigger a rise of

Patient Aggression And Physician Burnout: The Makings of a Human Resources Crisis in Health Care

Even before the pandemic, managing patient expectations and dealing with disruptive behaviour in medical clinics was already the top stressor for physicians.

Young Americans Lost Almost 1.5 Million Years of Life to Opioids Between 2015 and 2019

U.S. drug epidemic continues its death march, with new research showing American teens and young adults have lost nearly 1.5 million years of life due to drug overdose deaths

Gov Employees 'Havana Syndrome' Symptoms in Workplace Most Likely Caused by Directed Energy, U.S. Panel of Experts

"experts also could not rule out high-powered ultrasound beams as a possible cause" (US Embassy gov employees or workplace ref China)

Homelessness Comment from Regina Councillor Sparks Frustration from Indigenous Community Leaders

Gov, Media, Homeless rarely say truth for different reasons: 1) Gov corruption, homelessness 2) Homeless mostly drug addicts, will not pay rent 3) Citizens Gov & Police trying to bankrupt 4) Radiological & Sonic weapons from neighboring apartments (Gov & Police corruption) 5)

The scene involves two Captains involved in an intimate relationship, and an unanswered call, which is linked to the right to disconnect. After the Admiral arrives unannounced at Cpt. Pikes home, orders him to take the job.

Star Trek SNW S1E1: The Right to Disconnect from Workplace

The scene involves a workplace intimate relationships, unanswered phone call linked to the right to disconnect from the workplace, new laws. The second is

‘Shocking And Shameful’: Indigenous Women Make Up Half The Female Population in Canada’s Federal Prisons

Ottawa has made countless pledges to address the issue of Indigenous overrepresentation in prison. I noticed many homeless Native women drug addicts and gay men.

American Women Players Settle Equal Pay Lawsuit vs. U.S. Soccer for $24M

Women's, men's national teams will receive same compensation going forward

Activision Blizzard Shareholders Approve Proposal For Report On Abuse and Harassment

"In March, female employees alleged that they had endured harassment as a judge approved a settlement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after the agency found evidence of sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and related retaliation inside the company."

(WHO BIOAgent) Zhao Says Welcomes a Science-Based Probe But Rejects Any Political Manipulation

No mention of radiological and sonic weapons TERRORISM in Universities but “highly suspicious laboratories such as Fort Detrick, U of North Carolina" in US, which supports our TMNT, Cramer v Cramer (!? CNBC), 12 Monkeys theory.