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STARGIRL S1E3 (SPOILER ALERT) Black Ice on the bridge.. (CERB EI)

We are adding new Movie Scene illustrations again. We'll have to see if these 1 min clips continue to be flagged. This one is related to Canada's no EI or CERB payment if you quit your job and a workplace dangerous conditions, conflict, workplace psychological harassment, etc, example (driving, dispatcher, black ice on bridge). A few days later a super villain scene with black ice on the bridge similar to topic example. Not an illustration, just a strange timing coincidence.

#Coronavirus: Can I refuse to go back to work if I feel unsafe? (another real life example) "At the end of the day, normally a refusal to come into work is considered abandoning your job and is grounds for your employer to fire you.” — If you’re presumed to have abandoned or resigned from your job, you are no longer eligible to collect money from the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit." or EI.

Workplace Psychological Harassment, sexual harassment,.., intentional COVID-19 infection threats, radiological weapon and Sonic HSS weapon type threats, (#Terrorism)..

Anyone work in the delivery business? It's raining in winter, the roads are iced up, everyone has to go out on deliveries (It's not safe, increased accident risks linked to possible grounds for termination). Here's the fun part, the dispatcher is making you cross bridges an unusual amount of times where black ice is reported, forming, accidents, etc.. At the end of the day refusing makes you less favored, more likely categoriesed with disfavored employees, and more of the same type of treatment (unofficially, off camera, workplace reality, etc). (No EI if you quit)

(Terrorism FBI, RCMP Jurisdiction) Former FBI, RCMP in Security Guard Corp "should be great", Head of Security in Corporation "should be fantastic" .. There's a #Terrorism weapon type issue, problem, corruption, homicides, organized crime, tyranny,.., "dysfunction", (possibly A.I.s), with Gov and Police, which is not great or fantastic. #HumanTrafficking #SuicideFactors #RageShootingFactors


Exclusive: New memo tells staff to make CERB payment even if claimant quit job voluntarily or was fired for cause


movie clips that illustrate ideas, human rights violations, discrimination, stereotypes, ..

ENDER'S GAME Movie Trailer

Strategy, the ability to see strategy, patterns, deduce strategy, create strategy, and different concepts in science or other fields of battle. The book, movie, are linked to this ability, this talent, to defeat an enemy.

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Dune (1984), Ultrasound Tech "Burst Organs" - CNN iReport (video)

Ultrasound Tech is used to create sound at great distances, the HSS and LRAD systems. The "secret police" or mob are using this for high levels of sleep deprivation, threats, give instructions, .. . It is also used to target the brain, lesions, "burst blood vessels", and heart attacks.

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Alphas, Influence of the Mind Illustration - CNN iReport (video) (censored)

The video contains a scene where the person is influenced by external participants, which in real life can be criminal harassment or mobbing participants that have psychological manipulation knowledge and expertise to intentionally push targeted victims to suicide or violence. (*video illustration from a TV Show is currently censored by CNN iReport and YouTube)

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True Romance, Battered Women - CNN iReport (video)

A movie scene that illustrates a women lying about the bruises on her face caused by physical violence to hide the cause, usually a battered women but not the case in this movie.

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Highlander, The Mob - CNN iReport (video)

A movie scene that shows friends, relatives, and people turning into a vicious mob, an outcast, and homeless.

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