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"The state of California found, on average, that women were paying a markup of about $1,351 that men weren't having to pay for the same goods and services," she says. "We looked at women cross the country...and found that on average women pay $151 billion in extra fees and markups that men don't have to pay."

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A video about voting machines that do not work, voting officials that do not show up, long line ups for voting, and restricting the time to vote. The issue, civil rights and women rights are these acts of sabotage that interferes with the right to vote?

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Pakistan's foreign minister on Thursday called the attempted assassination of a teenage activist who pushed against extremists and in support of women's rights and education "a wake-up call (to) a clear-and-present danger."

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Discussion of social class discrimination is generally not present in the public discourse in the same way as racial discrimination. -- "Our findings suggest that the stigma associated with poverty can lead to class discrimination, which, over time, can impact an individual's health,'' -- This suggests some possible avenues for helping poor children cope with discrimination.

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E ∝ mv² -> E = mc²

The physics formula of Emilie du Chatelet is basically the same as the formula for which Einstein is famous for a hundred years later, E = mc². Einstein simply replaced the speed of an object, v, with the speed of light, c, an object. The issue, "science is not the place for a women", was discrimination involved? (article update Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking)

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