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Radiological Weapon Terrorism, neighboring apartments, workplace, etc. Gov and City Police corruption, fabricated allegations, fines, repression through homelessness, terrorism category type weapons CBRN + Sonic.

Feb 14 2022 another radiological weapon terrorism attack at Complex-Desjardins similar to Oct 17 2019. On Feb 13 2022 I actually called RCMP Terrorism Tip Line to tell them that my (new) GQ GMC-500+ geiger counter (SOEKS Quantum geiger counter of Oct 17 2019 was stolen under high secret police participant surveillence.. SPVM Corbeil & Croteau.) alarm had gone off several time at Versaille Hotel (homeless shelter) and today at Complex-Desjardins, location of Oct 17 2019 radiological weapon terrorism.

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RCMP Montreal HQ civilian dispatcher says no RCMP Officers available, City Police have to take video evidence, write Police Report, wants to send someone (SPVM?). Called, SPVM 21 "no thanks" hangs up.

RCMP Terrorism Tip Line, Ottawa public servant. Say's city police suppose to take video evidence, write police report, RCMP no mandate. Says I have complaints, same thing, like RCMP Officers said in Sept. (ref R2021-2600 & R2021- .. Feb 3 2021, Hotel Dupuis (Homeless Shelter, Welcome Hall Employees), BIOAgent COVID19 Symptoms, Mr Lepine).






Feb 14 2022 Radiological Weapon Terrorism at Complex-Desjardins.. Security do not want to call Police, ask me to leave..

Highest Radiation Reading on video GQ GMC-500+: CPM1 246 CPM2 0 (? always 0), 1.60 uSv/h .. and still says NORMAL (!?). Makes a lot of radiation noise. I miss my SOEKS.

Waiting for SPVM.

Called RCMP Terrorism Tip Line # 2022-0214-878 14:45

Normal is under 30 CPM, filmed several minutes, at one point over 200 CPM, did not stop, alerted security, several show up, ask me to leave, don't want to call 911.. One public phone occupied. Security Central says I'll check it out, maybe call Police. I ask him to call Police again. (must be the aggressive part).

15:08 SPVM Police show up, I explain abnormal background radiation, RCMP. SPVM Police say security says I was aggressive. SPVM Police instruct security to tell me to leave, ask if I'm banned forever. Security says not banned forever.

15:38 called 911 (Public Phone 514 871-9126), informed them that there was another radiological weapon, terrorism, attack at Complex-Desjardins. Has anyone else called? She said can go to Police Station with video evidence. I said from experience, 2019, SPVM Police do not take video evidence, do not write Police Reports. I was wondering if Complex-Desjardins security called 911 or called Police connections. .. I'm calling 911 to inform you that there was another radiological weapon attack at Complex-Desjardins.

At Complex-Desjardins I was on my laptop, writing another RCMP complaint regarding Feb 13 2022. As for RCMP CRCC Review, I have to send email asking for Aug 19 2019 audio.

I've called SPVM Police often over the years asking what do they do in the event of a radiological weapon terrorism event. Recently, just before backpack theft Jul 28 2021, SPVM Officers were saying they have terrorism dept., experts, action plans, don't need to call SQ or RCMP .. get angry when I asked about terrorism jurisdiction, now say would call everybody, hang up.

I think today Feb 14 2022 the SPVM Police Officers did worse then those of 2019 who understood "Chernobyl". Today they seem to be fabricating..

First video upload at 51%, says 2 hours to go. 1of3 plus 1 of SPVM Police.


R2022-0778 19:50
RCMP CRCC Feb 14 2022 Complaint
1] First I’d like to mention that the RCMP Commander Lucki seems to be lying to the media regarding complaints. My Feb 3 2021 R2021-002600 complaint regarding Hotel Dupuis temp Homeless Shelter, Welcome Hall employees intentionally placing someone with COVID19 symptoms in my room, name Mr Lepine, RCMP Terrorism Tip Line saying it’s not terrorism call the FBI and hangs up, was never answered;
2] Instead the RCMP CRCC responded to another RCMP Terrorism Tip Line complaint (R2021-004398) that happened on Aug 19 2021. It’s regarding radiological weapon terrorism in 2019 (ex Feb 8 2019, Oct 17 2019) that RCMP Officers - RCMP Terrorism Tip Line are not aware of. He says am I supposed to know everything that happens in Canada and hangs up. The RCMP CRCC labelled this complaint 2021-2660 (also ref 2021-3620, 2021-1269702), which confused me. I would like to include this in this complaint;
3] The City Police (ex SPVM), Surete du Quebec, and RCMP do not take radiological weapon terrorism complaints and evidence. They stated several reasons over the years: “not competent for weapon type” “no equipment” - RCMP St-Pierre and Potvin Montreal HQ, “no mandate in cities” - RCMP Nadeau and CRCC, “Terrorism is RCMP National Security Terrorism jurisdiction .. they take complaints” - RCMP Officers and RCMP Therion. I gave video evidence of radiological weapon terrorism twice at the RCMP Montreal HQ div C. Once to RCMP Lavoie and other RCMP members (Cho). Another time between Dec 10 and Dec 20 2019 under the instruction of the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line to unidentified individuals inside the RCMP Montreal HQ. More recently the YouTube urls to these radiological weapon terrorism videos were included in the RCMP complaint documents. I would like to have confirmation that the radiological weapon terrorism video evidence that I gave to the RCMP on MicroSD twice was actually officially received by them.
4] On Feb 13 2022 I called the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line. I asked if he’s familiar with the radiological weapon terrorism in Montreal Canada in 2019. He said no. When I asked if he has any explanation for not being aware of these terrorism events he said it’s because he’s not an RCMP Officer, he’s a public servant just taking information.
5] The SOEKS Quantum geiger counter in radiological weapon video evidence of 2017, 2018, 2019, was stolen Jul 28 2021 along with laptops and smartphone. Ref SPVM Officers Corbeil and Croteau. I suspect that under high surveillance the perpetrators are the RCMP, City Police, City Employees, and Secret Police participants. Similar to fabricated allegations, fabricated fines. I told the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line that I have a new geiger counter, background radiation detector.
6] I told the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line that my GQ GMC-500+ alarm was going off often, abnormal background radiation, a few weeks ago when I was staying at a homeless shelter called Versaille Hotel. I said that on Feb 13 2022 the geiger counter alarm, abnormal background radiation (over 30 CPM), had gove off a few times at Complex-Desjardins where the very high levels of radiation terrorism happened on Oct 17 2019.
7] He said thanks, would pass on the information, and the call was terminated. Similar to Oct 17 2019 when the SPVM Police said the background radiation on the video looked like Chernobyl, only addressed the physical attack, a person trying to break the camera and geiger counter, trying to leave with the camera, the SPVM Police did not address the radiological terrorism. They said they had no need for the video evidence and were leaving to write a Police Report. It turns out no Police Report and no Police Ethics violation. It seems to be more of the same with the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line on Feb 13 2022.
8] As I was finishing this complaint, another radiological weapon terrorism attack at Complex-Desjardins Feb 14 2022. Highest radiation reading on video is CMP: 246, 1.60 uSv/h and seems higher at a different location similar to Oct 17 2019.
I alerted the Compex-Desjardins security. Several security guards show up at the location, they refuse to call SPVM Police. I will 911, they ask me to leave. Public phone to call 911 is occupied. Security Central calls the Police as per my request. As I waited for SPVM Police to arrive I contacted RCMP Terrorism Tip Line 14:45 ref No.: 2022-0214-878. SPVM Police arrive, say they understand the abnormal high background radiation, radiological weapon terrorism, RCMP, etc. The SPVM Police say I was aggressive with security, instruct Complex-Desjardins security to tell me to leave, ask security if I’m banned forever. Complex-Desjardins security ask me to leave, say no I’m not banned forever.
Here are the YouTube urls:
Complex-Desjardins Radiological Weapon Terrorism Feb 14 2022 1of4
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Feb 15

I asked one black woman security guard in the eating area to contact security central, tell them the background radiation is not normal, tell them it's Danny. I film again, three security guards show up, one black two white. A white man sitting down, strange or difficulty speaking tells the black security guard that my thing is making a lot of noise. The black man comes inches from me, in my space, says I'm not wearing a mask. I tell him the background radiation is not normal, very high similar to 2019, to call the Police. He doesn't want to call the Police. Similar to 2019. I say I will call Police, call 911. I return to my things, laptop, start to pack my things. The black security guard and two others follow. As I pack the black security guard is in my space again, asking if this is for work.. And asks me to leave. I tell him again the background radiation is not normal, very high, and he asks me to leave, that's very good. The black security guard leaves, only the two white security guards remain. One public phone location (911), that of 2019, is gone. They tell me location of another public phone. We go to it, it's occupied. The woman says it's going to be long. I tell the two white security guards that I'm going to Security Central, will ask them to call Police. They say ok, follow.

At Security Central I speak to Mathew. Several months ago I had asked Mathew if he was familiar with 2019. He was not, and supervisors all new, hired after 2020. I tell Mathew about the radiation, to call Police. He says he'll check it out, maybe call Police. I ask him to call Police again. He agrees. I move away from Security Central, two white security guards still near me. The black security guard shows up, talks to white security guards, goes and stands behind me out of view. He leaves again. I'm advised the Police are on their way.

I call the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line, tell them about the geiger counter tool, abnormal, high background radiation.. Security near me, the Police are on their way. She advises me to wait for Police.

In A Nut Shell, no one else is saying anything about asking me to leave, being aggressive never mentioned, Security Central agreeded to call Police, advised that Police on the way. RCMP also ask me to wait for Police.. When Police arrive the black security guard is not present. While filming, Police that say they understand everything about high background radiation, want me to explain some more but first listen to white security guard. Police instruct white security guard to ask me to leave. Asks if I'm banned forever. I'm asked to leave, not banned forever.

The Police seem to be fabricating.. Possibly try to do something like SPVM STM Peltier Dec 2 2022 where they would suddenly jump me, place me under arrest, .. (to help me -$, thank you so much)


As I film, when I move towards the same location of Oct 17 2019, other people sitting, the radiation gets higher, 246 CPM 1.60 uSv/h, which is still probably not the highest radiation location. If like 2019, it would be a few more meters towards the open area.

Complex-Desjardins TERRORISM Oct 17 2019
Playlist (5 videos)