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- Another Student Suicide Blamed on Cyberbullying - ABC News (video)
- Teen Kills Himself in Wake of Sex Video - ABC News (video)
- Fallout From Rutgers Suicide - ABC News (video)
- Rutgers Remembers Tyler Clementi - ABC News (video)
- The Conversation: The 'It Gets Better' Project - ABC News (video)

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Doctors say the weighted-down bags could cause lasting health problems for children

- The backpack shouldn't hang down past the lower back.
- Orthopedic Spine surgeon says kids should only be carrying 10%-15% of their body weight in backpack.
- backpack can cause neck, shoulder, back pain, and muscle spasms, leg pain, more serious disk degeneration.

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Dr. Phil McGraw told a cyber security council that "keyboard bullies" are using "weapons of mass destruction" on kids.

- Dr Phil McGraw is a heavey weight when it comes to the media so any involvement in bring attention to the issue of cyberbullying is very welcomed.
- The "wild, wild web" has permitted websites like this one to exist and the word tame is used to replace the word control, a psychological manipulation, a word that is not very popular among the cyber community.
- One possible solution would be to use a cyberbullying reporting system and to work with the cyber community.

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"They're inactive, and they're sad kids, and they use eating as gratification," "the effect is that continued eating is almost their only source of satisfaction, and so it's a terrible cycle." "A key thing is to discover their strengths and get them involved and active in extracurricular activities," "If they concentrate only on their weight, they're not going to build confidence."
- "Kids who considered themselves very overweight indicated more loneliness, saw themselves as troublemakers, and saw themselves as sad, fearful, and wimpy,"

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Officials in Mass. have charged nine teens over the alleged bullying and harassment of 15-year-old Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after constant torment. Seth Doane reports.
- 9 teenagers, 7 girls, and 2 boys will face charges from Criminal Harassment, Stalking, Assault, to Statutory Rape.


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Prosecutors say Phoebe Prince took her own life after she was harassed by other teens. CNN's Alina Cho reports.
- Phoebe Prince 15 years old hangs herself after 3 months of school bullying.
- 9 students will be prosecuted, 3 as adults, Statutory Rape, Violation of Civil Rights, Criminal Harassment, Disturbance of a School Assembly

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In the wake of a violent student attack in Deerfield Beach, Fla., psychologist Jeff Gardere and author Rachel Simmons share advice for helping your children deal with aggressive students.
- discussion about 2 serious and violent incidents of school bullying.

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Do not isolate yourself or let yourself be isolated. People, bullies, or organizations that use psychological harassment or criminal psychological harassment usually fear being exposed, so tell your friends and authorities.
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