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An article about the returning vets with PTSD being vulnerable to criminal harassment networks, organized crime.

Workplace psychological harassment is combined with criminal harassment networks to use homelessness as a weapon and can result in violence or rage shootings.

An example of provocation and threats to induce stress and fear "you are going to starve" "you are going to eat garbage" "the homeless are in the anus, you are in the anus" etc.

The cause of violence and rage shootings that results from these and the use of homelessness as a weapon are hidden, covered up, and usually explained by other causes or simply as a "deranged person".


Mental illness and PTSD is a vulnerability that is exploited by these criminal harassment networks, organized crime, any resulting violence or rage shootings can be explained through the violence already linked to vets with PTSD, a false conclusion "and usually explained by other causes", hidden, and covered up.