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Psychological Manipulation
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Justice Martha Devlin said the unrelenting actions of Aydin Coban contributed to the suicide in 2012.
B.C. judge sentences 'sextortionist' to 13 years in case involving Amanda Todd

"“internet sextortionist” -- Judge says he has no insight into his crimes against a vulnerable child whose life he set out to destroy."

"Amanda Todd took her own life at her home in Port Coquitlam in October 2012, a few weeks after posting the video in which she used flash cards to communicate her distress."

"Coban was found guilty by a jury in August of multiple offences including extortion, possession and distribution of child pornography, harassment and child luring."

Influence of the Mind Homicide repealed 1999 PM Chretien and McLellan, the charges mentioned do not seem to be manipulation towards suicide but only said to have contributed to it.

Secret Police participants that teamwork with city police engage in psychological harassment, threats of homelessness, cancer, brain tumors, .. , psychological manipulation, uttering threats back at threats, towards physical retaliation, .. , towards suicide.

After writing about this over a decade ago, and more recently becoming a victim of radiological weapon terrorism, a few years after these acts of terrorism started, and were mentioned in Superior Court (Justice Canada) several times (ref Oct 21 2011 Judge Charbonneau, Dec 23 2014 Judge Arcand, .. 2016 Judge Pepita, PM Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould (Justice Canada) 2016-2017 legislated the death needle for QC as a first previously unmentioned election priority. (for victims of radiological weapon terrorism terminal illness). It's a bit similar to PM Chretien and McLellan following acts of gun related terrorism (rage shootings, massacre), which I strongly suspect involved secret police participant retaliation manipulation.