Sat, Sep

1. Many Republicans (R) still deny the reality of climate change, and danger linked to mass extinction. 2. Discrimination, more (R) candidates with anti-women and anti-gay rhetoric. 3. (R) house still trying to repeal peoples access to health care. 4. in progress.

British regimes are using energy assault weapons to subjugate or degrade targeted citizens and population while advocating gun control. The same subjugate or degrade strategy is used in Quebec, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

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The population is subjugated through organized crime in British regimes and Canada. When targeted by the secret police citizens are subjugated or degraded through repetitive energy assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, damaging the brain, and the testicles.

Killing by repetitive energy assault weapons, types of radar.

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The secret police and criminal harassment participants in Canada made insinuations that I advocated unions or socialism and this would justify assaulting me with different types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancer and subjugation, a deception to hide regime tyranny. Steven Harper is heading to the European Union to tell them to "turn or die of cancer".

The secret police strategy in Canada is to use organized crime to prevent citizens from addressing their rights in court, which includes human rights violations, and blaming the citizens for their failure to address their rights. Canada is the one who signed the UN treaty.