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Happy Canada Day!
The symbolism with Daren Quinn is that last name is similar to Queen, he is gay, the Crown prosecutor Her Majesty the Queen extend the long proceedings while I was being assaulted from neighboring homes, so the Queen did it. Now Daren has moved away."

"It involves types of radar assaults aimed at the testicles to destroy fertility in Quebec, ethnic cleansing, degradation, and provocation by the criminal harassment network participants in Canada that I have been documenting for several years." - Danny Hunt

"I remember the secret police from a teenager, they used focused ultrasound "burst brain blood vessel" to kill my godmothers nephew, Jr. Racine (10), and a girl, Celine Hardy (14), to attack me indirectly at around 1984. More recently my cousin Martine Villeyard (40) died of a brain tumor, I suspect the same radar assaults to the head and brain combined with threats for silence and regime denial.

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Quebecers were used to pass gun control, gun rights that deter tyranny and subjugation by the Canadian British regime, and their own police are involved in routines that involves the use of radar aimed at the testicles, ethnic cleansing of Quebecers too. - Danny Hunt

Two movies illustrations of tyranny in Canada and British regimes, Cutting Blood Lines or Ethnic Cleansing, and The Brazen Bull, repetitive radar assaults to "cook" victims and inflict painful deadly cancers.

And a blog about freedom of expression, Canadian "free press", U.S. gun control debate, Newton, Julian Assange, British hypocrisy, false pretenses, and circumventing laws or rights.

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"The use of types of radar, tyranny followed by the illusion of change that British regimes have been using for hundreds of years, hidden dictatorships -- "According to criminal harassment participants, they want me to scream once in the hospital, in pain, suffering from bone cancer, that its the Greeks and not the secret police, give me morphine.""

"The dynamics between the U.S. and British regimes that try to subjugate targeted citizens with a secure means of subsistence, welfare, other, with radar is that the victims have to run away to the U.S. to escape tyranny, to be cut off from their means of subsistence and subjugated by them. The excuse used is that they have to be silence to protect the economy. Where are the stories of those who have escaped tyranny, radar assaults, and went to the U.S. to escape tyranny?"

"The British regimes like Canada and their secret police have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks, and energy assault weapons, types of radar. They cause rampages and rage shootings, advocate a defenseless population to tyranny and hidden subjugation through organized crime, and their participants that are mixed with the general population are the ones you see on TV saying the cause is "a deranged person", "there's too many guns", rhetoric for gun control."