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The creator and founder of this website writes about how two different homicide attempts by the Canadian secret police and their participants are linked to cyberbullying suicides, suicide factors, brain tumors, and how lowering youth laws makes them vulnerable to organized crime and subjugation.

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NSA's 'hop analysis' tracks calls linked to other calls

The search for one terror suspect could link to millions of innocent Americans' phone records.


Today's Tweets on the NSA and Circumventing Laws

ring ring, who is it, it's terrorists from Pakistan the British secret police want to listen to your phone calls.

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With microwave spectrum detection equipment victims will be able to document the assaults from space. There are many different types radar, those that can be used from space match a different range in the spectrum, when detected scientist can determine their possible origins, neighboring homes, underground, and from space.

The strategy used by British regimes and police is denial, and threats of psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

Today's Tweets on Creating Justification Through Organized Crime

NEWS FLASH! Apparently, regimes whose secret police function through organized and corruption to subjugate the population, British regimes->

Even create the justification that they want through organized crime and terrorism, to help them subjugate the population too, surprised?

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"Energy assault weapons that aim to inflict deadly cancers and brain tumors, damage the brain, destroy fertility .. I'm really excited about the royal baby watch?

The strategy, regime and police denial. The solution microwave spectrum detection equipment or RF Police. I'm working on the equipment part now that my faraday cage is more efficient at protecting me. Any equipment, equipment loan, and setup configurations are welcome. Yes, money is a problem and resources limited, donations, paypal, possibly blocked by regime RCMP or local police." - Danny Hunt 514-560-4319 leave a message/fax

On this 4th of July I want to tell the U.S. to beware of those who pretend not to understand the 2nd Amendment, tyrants, dictators, or hidden dictators will always fear a well armed population.

Letters to U.S. administration, my experience in hidden dictatorships where the population is subjugated by the secret police and organized crime, create the illusion of freedom through PR, charters of rights and freedom on paper, etc, but these mean nothing or worthless when faced with corruption, organized crime, police and regime denial and collusion, and videos of tyranny and NRA.

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I hope that Egypt finds true democracy and freedom, and not the illusion British regimes create. I hope that they create the safety measures to guaranty and preserve this democracy and freedom. I hope the Muslim and Arab nations stop their conflicts, wars, with themselves and Israel, think of peace, prosperity, and survival. I see a great danger with the current climate change and past historic patterns that led to mass extinction.

Iran and Israel, the conflicting enemies, may be the only two true democracies in the middle east, a strange coincidence.