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Workplace psychological harassment can consist of constant threats to a person's means of subsistence to induce fear and to eliminate a person's means of subsistence.

Criminal harassment or mobbing networks that need and thrive on fear continually try to threaten and attack a victims means of subsistence to induce fear and use homelessness as a weapon, to prevent exposure, set examples linked to suffering, and to "clean" the crime of law enforcement members according to them.

Q. Do you believe this is the incentive and reason why homelessness still exists in modern wealthy countries, criminal harassment or mobbing networks that are highly dependent on homelessness and using homelessness for fear and a weapon?

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The best things in life are free, and water is kryptonite to microwave technology.

Attenuation; Water is a free attenuation solution for microwave radiation such as radar and free plastic bottles can be filled with free water, it's also a good sound attenuator.

Reflection; Aluminum is not as good for attenuation as lead sheet but it can be used for reflection and act as camouflage when radar (wall penetrating millimeter waves) or electronic warfare is involved; Aluminum rolls are relatively cheap.

- Workplace psychological harassment is used to eliminate a person's means of subsistence.
- The mob claims to "clean" the crimes committed by law enforcement members and organizations.

Q. Homelessness; Do you believe that the mob eliminates a person's means of subsistence and attacks their finances to make victims of Police corruption helpless or more vulnerable to corruption, reduce or eliminate their access to the justice system, and to prevent exposure?

Q. Smear Campaigns; Do you believe that the mob uses smear campaigns, which usually involve pedophilia [the pedophilia weapon] allegations, to attack the reputation of popular victims?

- Michael Jackson [pedophilia weapon].
- Julian Assange, allegations of rape linked to a broken condom and a Swedish law.

Q. Technology; Do you believe the mob uses technology to attack a victim's health, psychological integrity, and credibility?

- Prevent exposure of a criminal harassment or mobbing network.

- Sound technology [HSS Sonic Sound], criminal harassment, sleep deprivation link.
- Microwave technology [radar type], criminal harassment, homelessness, and cancer link.

- Vulnerable to hostile medical community members, mob, false profiles linked to false allegations.

"Research Note: There is a link between police corruption and the use of homelessness and smear campaigns."

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Mobbing Research: Similarity and Strategy

Workplace Psychological Harassment and Criminal Harassment Network Similarity and Strategy


Similar to employees who deny the existence of workplace psychological harassment and send victims to medical professionals;

Law enforcement organizations deny the existence of criminal harassment or mobbing networks and send the victims to psychiatry through procedure.

In both cases it is linked to getting rid of a person.


Both use the same strategy, deny it exists and attack the psychological integrity of the victim.

"Making a person yellow" and PTSD is linked to fear conditioning and trauma.

The mob uses medical knowledge such as the Macromineral Depletion Strategy [1] and this type of Fear Conditioning PTSD Strategy [2] to "make a person yellow" with its workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment or mobbing network.

When a person is threatened physically they react with the fight-or-flight syndrome, their hormones kick-in, and they usually meat the threat with returned hostility in this civil society.

- With the use of high levels of sleep deprivation to lower a victim's hormones, which influence a person's mental state and reactions to threats;

- And with repetitive non-physical threats that a person fears such as prosecution and humiliation;

- Repetitive humiliation which can be linked to being "on guard" for long periods of time and the use of voice fluctuations;

- Voice fluctuations that are linked to high levels of sleep deprivation and interpreted as fear along with the effects of adrenaline from criminal harassment;

- This fear is used for fear conditioning and to induce a form of PTSD;

- "Making a person yellow".

Do you believe the disproportionate level of homeless vets with PTSD is linked to suppressing medical knowledge linked to "making a person yellow" and PTSD;

Similar to the suppression of information or knowledge regarding workplace psychological harassment and other medical knowledge linked to the effects of high levels of stress and sleep deprivation?

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What I understand of the Mob's game in modern countries is that when law enforcement members are involved in crime and corruption;

- Sound technology is used for criminal harassment and high levels of sleep deprivation, torture, combined with the voice of law enforcement members involved;

- Microwave technology is used for intimidation, inflicting cell damage, torture, [setting examples, suffering] linked to cancer;

- Draining and eliminating a person's means of subsistence, the use of homelessness, [setting examples, suffering], for revenge and "cleaning";

- Any resulting rage shootings and rampages linked to the use of torture and voices are used to advocate gun control by the mob and these same law enforcement members;

Q. Are modern countries simply better at hiding serious human rights violations through technology and homelessness than poorer countries?

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Michael Jackson and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)

Do you believe the allegation of rape against Julian Assange is used as a smear campaign and to drain his finances so that he can no longer keep WikiLeaks online?

If so, is this a form of organized crime?


Mobbing can consist of workplace psychological harassment to eliminate the means of subsistence of a victim and different attacks by the mob to eliminate and drain a victims finances, money, in attempts to bankrupt them or push them to homelessness.

Do you believe that smear campaigns such as allegations of pedophilia or rape can be used to attack a victim's finances and popularity?

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The "mob" can have different definitions depending on its intended use.

- In mobbing, it involves people uniting to persecute a person or uniting in workplace psychological harassment or criminal harassment, organized crime.

The people uniting to attack the psychological integrity of a victim in order to prevent prosecution of crimes committed against this victim, their tactics or patterns, and their use of technology linked to criminal harassment, pushing victims to homelessness, and murder through cancer.

Psychological Harassment and Manipulation

One psychological manipulation that criminal harassment networks use to provoke victims is to have a participant speak to the victim while staring in their eyes, which is normal, and have another participant stand behind or out view attempting to humiliate or threaten the victim.

This tactic is linked to the use of obvious hypocrisy by the participant staring in the victims eyes and staring at people can be linked to a form of psychological provocation.

Subjecting people to this form of repetitive hypocrisy and obvious corruption is linked to sarcasm or dark sarcasm, which is a suicide factor or can be a warning signing.

Psychological Manipulation

The Fear of Sounding "Paranoid and Delusional"

- Threats of assassination by organized crime, they have guns.
- Threats of assassination by benzene in your food leading to cancer.
- Threats of assassination by microwaves leading to cancer.

Threats aimed at making a victim seem "paranoid and delusional" in order to attack their credibility or psychological integrity.

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Mobbing in modern society can consist of trying to create false views on reality towards law enforcement and government to prevent exposure or to use as a shield, linked to a false conclusion or view on reality, deception.

Regardless of who you believe to be involved, police members or government members, when it comes to crime or organized crime these members fear themselves and are subject to the same laws and justice system.

mobbing in modern society

People live paycheck to paycheck, when their means of subsistence are eliminated through workplace psychological harassment they lose their apartment rental, and in Quebec if you do not have a fixed address you are not eligible to the basic social aid, resulting in homelessness.

Rhetoric linked to the use of homelessness as a weapon:

- "only drug users, alcoholics, and paranoid schizophrenics are homeless"
- "workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment networks do not exist, these people are mentally ill"

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- Michael Jackson was feared by some because he was a star and the power that he had.
- I believe the accusations of molestation and pedophilia were part of a smear campaign against him by organized crime who wanted to control him, subjugate him, and I believe it is linked to the oil industry and former U.S. administration.

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Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks claims he is the victim of a smear campaign, rape and molestation, in Sweden and that he was warned by the Australian secret service that this could happen.

He believes the Pentagon may be behind this smear campaign attempt.

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In cases of criminal harassment or psychological warfare the first priority is to destroy the credibility of the victim to prevent exposure or to prevent prosecution.

"you know what I've seen, I've seen killers walk free because the eye witness was an alcoholic, I've seen sex offenders that couldn't be touched because the victim was a call girl, credibility! It's the only currency that means anything on this kind of playing field"

"Dean's got the tape and he's going to come out with it and when he does I want his credibility, I want people to know he's lying before they hear what he says."

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A. The Mob "ice pick" is a stealth assassination weapon that you do not see coming.

- High levels of sleep deprivation; increased cortisol, acid-base imbalance and acidic blood pH, no exercise, and no DNA, body, and brain repair.
- High levels of stress; criminal psychological harassment, participants use provocation and threats to increased adrenaline and cortisol, which are linked to more physical damage to the body, heart, and brain.

This leads to poor health, diabetes, acid-base imbalance or acidic blood pH, heart disease, and stroke aka the Mob "ice pick".