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Citizens are presented with the believe that they have rights and civil liberties, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but they are circumvented through the use of homelessness, the homelessness weapon.

The Police, Criminal Judicial System, and Mob are linked to eliminating a citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or during long delayed criminal proceedings in attempts to make a conviction or smear campaign easier, mobbing in modern society.

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A routine example is that I would go to a grocery store when highly sleep deprived through sound technology (HSS), criminal harassment participants would mix in with other shoppers and use different forms of threats and provocation to induce stress and adrenaline, try to stand directly behind me at the cash register, and interpret the adrenaline and voice fluctuations as fear, which is linked to fear and honor, and attempts at repetitive humiliation.

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False allegations with an assessment order before trial are combined with powerful radar assaults and threats of intervention.

The threat of intervention is linked to the accused's attempts to shield himself from the powerful radar assaults linked to leikemia/cancers and being detained for the assessment order, framed before trial through non-criminal responsibility of having committed a crime when the accused has not committed a crime.

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It's as if someone else wrote the suicide letter in attempts to hide the cause, no more money, and this is a pattern that is linked to mobbing, the mob eliminating a person's means of subsistence and draining their finances to use homelessness as a weapon and pre-criminal allegations.

1. Parody of Suicide Letter
Dear Police,
I write this suicide note so that you won't have too, I just want everyone to know that If I commit suicide today or go on a rampage it's not because my means of subsistence have been eliminated and drained by the mob who try to pass themselves off as our society, .... it's because I hate women now ..

2. Explanation
What I find strange about Mark Lepine's suicide letter is that he seems to believe that rage shootings or rampages and suicide are linked to having no more money or homelessness, which he wanted to make sure we did not believe was the cause.

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An article that discusses two court and criminal proceeding strategies to frame an accused that deal with disability and the abuse of the medical psychiatric system to escape legal wrong doing, searching a home and seizing private information without a warrant, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms violations, and keeping private information or circumventing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms concerning seized computers and private information.

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Journal Entry Dec 31, 2011; Powerful Radar and Bone Cancer

A journal entry on CNN iReport that discusses criminal harassment, stress and adrenaline, acid-base imbalance, calcium depletion, and powerful radar linked to bone cancer.

I see a link with the several years of high levels of sleep deprivation and criminal harassment to destroy my health. The acid-base imbalance that depletes calcium and results in bone loss combined with the following powerful radar assaults over several months that targets the bones in attempts to inflict or induce bone cancer.

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After Danny Hunt published the article on CNN iReport and had shared it on facebook for discussion he was arrested, the criminal charge uttering threats towards women 264.1 (1)(a).

I wrote this article because it is the only known case of a mass shooting where the perpetrator, Marc Lepine, states in a suicide letter that the cause is not because he has no more money or that it has been eliminated and drained, as if someone else wrote the suicide letter knowing the cause and attempted to hide it.

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Criminal allegations are combined with radar assaults in Canada along with insinuations the accused is dangerous.

1. criminal allegations
2. radar assaults
3. insinuations that the accused is dangerous
4. assessment order before trial and "you have to run"

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International Criminal Court pledges to strengthen efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of sexual and gender crimes.

Is crime or criminal harassment involved in under reported case of workplace psychological harassment and sexual harassment?

Mobbing Research: Threats to Medical Disability Leave Strategy

This is a question that was first aimed at the women of the RCMP involved in sexual harassment complaints and any other sexual harassment victims.

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In Canada powerful radar assaults are combined with criminal allegations, when they happen to be false, as in completely false, after several months of radar assaults if you don't have cancer yet I guess you don't feel like suing to recover this "attack" on your reputation, home invasion and trespassing, seizure of private property and information, finances, and the drain on your finances.

The Up Side of crime.

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In an experiment the guards became more abusive without controls towards defenseless people.

I believe this experiment and concept applies to our society too.

The police and mob are linked to the abuse of citizens, the elimination of a person's means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations, the use of homelessness for coercion or suffering, destroying a person's health pre-criminal allegations, combining criminal allegations with radar assaults linked to cancer, cancer and serious illness to use the medical system or community for coercion, hidden homicides;

Advocating gun control when these cause a shooting "a deranged person" without more explanation to the cause;

Abuse and viciousness to induce fear, and the more defenseless the population is the more abusive and vicious they become, similar to the mentioned experiment.

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The Police use false criminal allegations to trap a person in their location or country, and combine this with serious legal wrong doing such as entering and searching a home without warrant and seizing property without warrant;

The criminal allegations must include insinuations that the accused is also highly dangerous for the following reasons;

During the period of time the accused defends himself from the criminal allegations he is repetitively assaulted with powerful radar linked to different cancers such as leukemia, lung cancer, testicular cancer, and bone cancer;

The courts and criminal judicial system use misinformation, obstruction, corruption, and wrongful orders in attempts to add more delays to the proceedings and frustrate the accused;

The plan is to either frame the accused through false allegations, a smear campaign, or give him a serious illness, cancer, both a criminal record or serious illness trap the accused in the country for more abuse or attempts to prevent the exposure of crimes committed against the accused, such as serious human rights violations.

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1. The first favorite smear campaign strategy is to use a criminal harassment network to provide information or lead a person to a conclusion, leading them to report the issue to the police and being charged with criminal mischief;

- This criminal harassment network does not exist according to the police and authorities;

2. The second favorite smear campaign strategy is to use criminal allegations combined with powerful radar, assessment orders, and prison psychiatrists;

The result is that the smear campaign victim is found not guilty of having committed a crime due to mental illness;

When they have not committed a crime to start with.

- According to the police and authorities powerful radar linked to cancer is not used to target citizens in their own homes.

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