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"It seem obvious to me that British regimes are repressing targeted citizens through homelessness, try to hide this from the general population, and try to hide the cause of any resulting violence, rampage, or rage shootings. It now also seems obvious to me that someone else wrote Marc Lepine's suicide note in attempts to hide the cause and re-interpret the cause to advocate gun control. .. "

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The strategy seems to be to use existing neighbors, once hit for several months during long and delayed criminal proceedings with powerful radar they move away, and move in new participants. The mobbing strategy is to deny the use of this technology and criticize shielding and protection measures, threats of intervention that leads to incarceration during costly proceedings and assessment orders before trial, non-criminal responsibility before trial. Homicides through a form of poisoning, cell damage that can lead to deadly cancers at a later time, and hidden from the International Community.

Mobbing? -- "John Travolta has won again in his fight against several lawsuits related to allegations of sexual assault. --Two lawsuits by two male massage therapists who claimed sexual battery were dismissed in May. And now a judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Travolta and his attorney, Marty Singer."

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Marble, Limestone, and Travertine tiles (stones) are all different types of Calcium carbonate that attenuate powerful radar. Different types like Dolomite, Marble (dolomite) CaMg(CO3), Serpentine that contains Magnesium Mg, and Pewter that contains Tin Sn may increase this attenuation factor. A cheap source of radar attenuation is Green Foliage (leaves) in bottles with water, radar attenuation term is "wet foliage", these contain Magnesium Mg and Carbon C, the Chlorophyll.

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The Goals and Causes, Repression, Hidden Homicides, Defenseless Population: The British regimes consist of the Police and "Secret Police" eliminating the means of subsistence and inflicting financial loss to repress targeted citizens through homelessness. They commit hidden homicides by using false allegations to distract and drain the financial resources of targeted citizens while they subject them to powerful radar assaults linked to deadly cancers, leukemia and lung cancer. They are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses the inflicted damages, financial loss, cancer, testicular damage, fear and honor, to provoke the victims, anger and rage, and use any resulting violence to repress the targeted citizen further or advocate gun control, a defenseless population. (updated)

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DISCRETION IS ADVISED: "after I get sick from all the radar assaults to the shin bone and lungs during the criminal proceedings that resulted from false allegations, that also created a large dept., and during a civil lawsuit to recover this loss, I think other countries should start "fucking" Canada and Great Britain in the "ass" and each time they do to remind them that they "fucked" a human rights defender in the ass."

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I see CNN's Piers Morgan and British regimes advocate gun control and a defenseless population. If the Police are corrupt, involved in using organized crime to attack citizens through organized crime, target and eliminate the means of subsistence of targeted citizens through threats and intimidation, violate the freedom of expression, the media does not respond to this violation and are controlled by these, violate all civil rights and freedoms, combined with corrupt courts that dismiss these violations what is a populations best defense from these types of dictatorships and abuse? The U.S. Amendments claim that it is a well armed population that can deter these or rise up to remove these.

1. in modern cities the scams consists of setups and arrests for indecent exposure.
2. at different vacation resorts the scam consists of setups that require Police payment or bribes.
3. another one consists of pictures of celebrities, these pay well and unfortunately the royal couple have fallen victim to this one.

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In Bangladesh men through acid in the face of women to destroy their beauty, their value. In Africa men "cut off" the breasts of women to induce fear and prevent their reproduction, their value. -- Canadian (British Regimes) do the same or similar crimes on targeted citizens but through medical technology and powerful radar assaults. They focus on the testicles of men with threats of "cutting them off" and the breasts of women with the same threat of "cutting them off". -- The other areas of focus are the shin bones to inflict bone marrow damage linked to leukemia and the lungs to inflict lung damage, scarring, and lung cancer, which is similar to poisoning, damaging cells, and homicide.

The Police and "Secret Police" of British regimes are linked to criminal harassment networks that use homelessness and serious illness to repress targeted citizens, assault targeted citizens during criminal allegations and smear campaigns with cancer causing technology to repress them, use threats linked to homelessness and cancer to help make their victims look aggressive and deranged, hide the cause of any resulting violence, and advocate gun control, a defenseless population.

If the British regimes all have the same "hole" to circumvent a trial through non-criminal responsibility before trial and the same rising number of autism it would be a strange coincidence or link. -- The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and human rights charters specify that everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a fair trial section 11(d), non-criminal responsibility before trial circumvents this.

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DECLARE that assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial that can circumvent the right to a trial and charter violation issues presented at trial to be unconstitutional, violates section 7, 9, 11(b), 11(d), and section 15; -- DECLARE that the warrantless seizure of private computers is unconstitutional, violates section 8; -- DECLARE that fabricating criminal allegations of uttering threats in a published research article to be unconstitutional, violates section 2(b);

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On February 21, 2011 when I was arrested for publishing and sharing a mobbing research article that involves a list of people "hitting back" by committing terrible crimes and Marc Lepine. The defense lawyer that I was introduced to told me that following a demand that I remain incarcerated for a psychological evaluation by the Police that I had no choice but to remain incarcerated for 30 days. Even after explaining ..

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"DECLARE that assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial that can circumvent the right to a trial and charter violation issues presented at trial to be unconstitutional;"
"DECLARE that the warrantless seizure of private computers is unconstitutional;"
"GRANT the demander who is a human rights defender and a victim of false allegations that involve the freedom of expression, which is essential for a free democracy and the pursuit of the truth without fear of persecution, and the search and seizure of private computers an exemplary amount;"

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The Police, "Secret Police", and mob are currently using technology to assault targeted citizens in their own homes from neighboring homes, public places linked to a criminal harassment network, and court rooms to prevent a proper defense and discourage lawsuits from false allegations.

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The Police and Secret Police are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses threats and intimidation to [1] eliminate a targeted citizens means of subsistence pre-criminal allegations or during criminal allegations to circumvent the rights citizens have and to make conviction easier, the homelessness weapon. [2] During criminal proceedings these use powerful radar assaults focused on the shins, lungs, and testicles to prevent a proper defense, any resulting lawsuits from false allegations, and to inflict serious or deadly illness. When targeted citizens "hit back" by committing terrible crimes, these hide the cause and advocate gun control as a solution. ... more.

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A strategy that Canada, a British regime, seems to be using to isolate human right defenders from human rights organizations outside of the British regimes is to reroute fax calls. The Police and Secret Police are linked to a criminal harassment network that uses powerful radar assaults linked to different deadly cancers during criminal allegations periods and after when the citizens try to recover the large financial loss from false allegations. The pattern: faxes have a CSID, which is a form of fax identification. This can be words or numbers. The first call consists of displaying G3, a generic, hanging up, the second call will display the correct id, possibly the same phony receiver.

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An article that discusses the destruction of a women's and a man's beauty, fertility, health, an asset, in Bangladesh and Canada. In Bangladesh acid violence is used to disfigure women to destroy the asset. In Canada technology is used for repression to inflict premature aging and cancer to destroy the asset.

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A human rights complaint from a human rights defender to the OHCHR Petition Team and Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights defenders and freedom of expression, and an Application to the Superior Court of Canada to declare the use of non-criminal responsibility before trial unconstitutional.

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