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"When non-criminal responsibility before trial is used and successful you are found guilty without a trial but not criminally responsible due to mental illness, which means that any charter violations such as entering a home without a warrant and seizing private computers without a warrant is now automatically dismissed, and any copies of the "unlawful" seizure are now legal too. Why does such a law that circumvents the right to trial, an international human rights violation, still exist in the Canadian Criminal Code in 2012? ..


"The criminal harassment network linked to the Police does two things that I am aware of in Canada pre-criminal allegations and during criminal allegations proceedings, they eliminate a targeted citizens means of subsistence and they inflict serious illness, cancer. Both are used for coercion and to get rid of a targeted citizen, mobbing in modern society."

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SARCASM, "I called Spectrum Canada today, I wanted to know if I needed to register my new High Capacity Focused Radar Rifle with them, I use it to "cook" pigeons. They told me that I didn't need to register it with them and to call the Canadian Gun Registry for information. I called them, they asked if I was using it on neighbors, I said no, on pigeons, they told me they were scrapping the registry, I said since when, they said as of today. What a coincidence .. "

The strategy of some regimes seems to be to advocate a defenseless population and subjugate the population through organized crime, which is linked to hypocrisy and blaming organized crime instead of human rights violating regimes aka "it's not us, our secret police, or our police that is murdering human rights defenders and government critics through cancer, it's organized crime" - Regimes (see the Rage Shooting Factors page)

The anger and bitterness strategy is similar to the emotional abuse strategy. The emotional abuse strategy involves abuse to push a targeted person to lash-out in anger only to look deranged, aggressive, and violent, the anger and bitterness strategy involves deceiving and misleading a person so that they obtain financial loss, loss in health, and other damages, which leads to anger and bitterness.

Attenuation, dielectric properties, conductivity, faraday cage, sea salt, Mg2+, a blog about powerful radar assaults being used in modern society to inflict deadly cancers linked to repression similar to the use of homelessness and how to attenuate them. *the faraday cage really does work but it is a question of metal thickness, it needs to be thick. Grounded sea water containers may work as a type of faraday cage, water bottles attenuate another mobbing weapon, focused ultrasound.* -- *homicides through cancer equals a low homicide rate*

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S Smear Campaigns - that are linked to attempts to inflict hate and rejection, social isolation.

This suicide factor would be linked to H Hate and Rejection and similar to A Anti-Gay Rhetoric, B Bullying, M Mobbing, and linked to mobbing. S Sleep Deprivation, A Anxiety, D Depression, I Isolation etc. ... and influence of the mind.

"Pro Life" -- "Sanctity of Human Life Act" -- "Fundamental Individual Right to Life" .. "We Support a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution" -- Are these a contradiction to support for Capital Punishment, a violation of the human right to life?

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One strategy of workplace psychological harassment is to engage in this behavior and emotional abuse in attempts to destabilize an employee so that they lash-out in anger only to look deranged and aggressive, through violence, uttering threats, sabotage, etc., to get rid of them. The strategy of criminal harassment networks are very similar but instead of an employer being the "workplace police" and getting rid of the employee the city police are the ones who file criminal allegations towards the victim of criminal harassment.

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A few blogs linked to using powerful radar assaults to inflict deadly cancers that are combined with non-criminal responsibility before trial in Canada, and countries that claim to have a lower homicide rate than others.

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The strategies and routines of criminal harassment networks, Supreme Court of Canada laws that can be used to circumvent the right to trial in 2012 -- , the weakening of the Freedom of Expression in Canada, and a new Canadian Cyberbullying law that makes the only human right defender that documents Cyberbullying and suicide through influence of the mind vulnerable to civil lawsuits when he documents mobbing, corruption, and organized crime on the internet.

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"The Chinese wanted to prove a concept, so they smashed two satellites together and created a lot of dangerous space garbage. The British regimes asked that they not prove any more concepts that could destroy the rest of their satellites through space junk.

The weaponization of space, the Ronald Reagan "Star Wars" program of the 80's, is used to target people 30 years later instead of missiles. British regimes and organized crime are now using radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, etc, aimed at inflicting deadly cancers on a long term, hidden homicides, brag about a low homicide rate, and advocate gun control."

A letter to a psychiatrist regarding the combination of false criminal allegations "uttering threats towards women" and an assessment order before trial for non-criminal responsibility combined with powerful radar assaults from neighboring homes linked to deadly cancers and an increase in poor hygiene, which is linked to justification for psychiatric intervention.

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A video of my apartment and about the powerful radar assaults that began before the criminal allegations of "uttering threats towards women" on facebook when I shared a Mobbing Research article in the CSPAN discussion area.I put my apartment for rent on Feb 20, 2011 on Kajiji, and was arrested on Feb 21, 2011.

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"During the criminal proceedings and attempts to address constitutional questions I was assaulted in the shin bone linked to bone marrow and leukemia, the lungs linked to inflammation, scarring, and lung cancer, and testicles linked testosterone, fertility, masculinity, muscle mass, longevity, and degrading themes with powerful radar. It looks like someone has been burning the flower buds on our lilac tree too, some kind of strange mobbing action like putting a dead horses head in a persons bed. The assaults are probably linked to birth defects, sperm mutations, and the rising number of autism cases."

The mob is repressing targeted citizens through different strategies, pushing targeted citizen to homelessness, smear campaigns, inflicting serious illness and cancer, and by pushing people to violence. Any resulting violence is used to repress and incarcerate them, rage shootings are used to advocate a defenseless population. The Marc Lepine terrible crime stands out, the cause was explained to women, since many were killed, through a stereotype, an Arab father. Stereotype, Arabs abuse and repress women.

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