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The mob or "secret police" in some regimes are using degradation as a part of their psychological abuse and manipulation strategy. Is it simply to 1) "lower" others, mobbing and degradation, 2) a part of Marie-France Hirigoyen's description of an emotional abuse strategy to push targeted victims to rage so that they seem aggressive and deranged when they lashout in anger, 3) a part of inflicting a damage to use in provocation, to "burn them", anger and bitterness, 4) repetitive humiliation, psychological harassment, .. ,

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"from what I understand from the news and criminal harassment participants in Laval Quebec Canada, the radar and focused ultrasound assaults aimed at the testicles of men over several months, during long and delayed criminal proceedings through false allegations for example, are linked to attempts to "tranny men" on a longer term, which contradicts the focus on attempting to inflict deadly cancers, hidden homicides. The news consisted of a Sheriff trannying Latino men."

"My experience in court in Canada is that several charter of rights violations, obvious violations, were all dismissed and the Canadian Criminal Code contains basic human rights violations that I could not address in court due to organized crime. What prevents this gradual weakening of charter of rights that leads to oppression or oppressive laws, tyranny and subjugation, I believe it is the fear of a well armed population, a deterrent to obvious subjugation, tyranny or exposure of tyranny." - Danny Hunt

"I'm a human rights defender that documents workplace psychological harassment and criminal harassment networks in Canada, having been a victim of both, and I was recently "attacked" through both false allegations by the Police, long and delayed criminal proceedings in the Judicial System, and ongoing powerful radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, which includes at the court house. The Canadian regime at best would claim that it is organized crime instead of regime tyranny, what is your opinion?"

A blog about the suspected deaths of people through the use of technology weapons, focused ultrasound linked to heart attacks and strokes and energy assault weapons, powerful radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers like leukemia, lung cancer, .. , in Canada.

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The weaponization of space, energy assault weapons or powerful radar assaults, and focused ultrasound from neighboring homes, public places, and at their court houses are the technologies currently being used in Canada on targeted citizens to subjugation them, control them, or get ride of them through long term homicides hidden through serious illness and cancer. This is combined with denial by the authorities "you can't prove it", censorship, and possible collusion with other British regimes in dismissing obvious human rights violations and complaints.

The medical knowledge and strategy used by psychological harassment participants in the workplace and criminal harassment participants in public locations are acid-base imbalance induced through stress, provocation, and threats that induce adrenaline, which depletes potassium, and depletes the bodies buffer agents such as calcium. It is a macromineral depletion strategy that can lead to burnouts and many other serious health issues.

"a deranged person" as already mentioned is not an explanation for acts of violence or terror, it is a stereotype that reenforces a prejudice and discrimination towards people with mental illness. It is used by the media and organized crime to hide the actual cause of the events. This reenforced stereotype linked to prejudice and fear is then used to justify abuse. Police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration is one example linked to abuse, ..

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1) In Canada, the criminal harassment network attempts to induce fear that they then use to emasculate men, the ego, fear and honor, by repeating that they are scared or "got scared" to humiliate or "burn" them repetitively. 2) They also use energy assault weapons, powerful radar from neighboring homes, public places, and the court house aimed at the testicles linked to sterility, infertility, testosterone production, birth defects, and castration. Inflicting a damage linked to emasculation to repetitively use it for humiliation, provocation, and to "burn" them. .. see Psychological Harassment & Psychological Manipulation page.

The Canadian regime is using both homelessness to repress targeted citizens, similar to other modern countries, and also using energy assault weapons, powerful radar to assault citizens in their own homes from neighboring homes, public places, and court house, which are combined with police allegations and assessment orders before trial 672.12 (1)(3), and prevent citizens from addressing their rights in court or criminal code laws that violate the charter of rights and freedoms.

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A blog about organized crime inflicting damages to provoke and "burn" those that they target, possible violence, rampages, and rage shootings to incarcerate them, and advocate gun control for a population already defenseless to the energy assault weapons currently being used in Canada from neighboring homes, public places, court house .. a broken Canadian Judicial System.

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