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Journal Entry blogs about the abuse of mental illness, discrimination, the Canadian Criminal Code law 672.12 that the Police, Crown Prosecutors, Judicial Court System, "secret police" or mob are currently using to circumvent the right to a trial in Canada and ongoing harassment of a human rights defender.

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I remember when I was a teenager in school and everyone use to say its only the people with a good memory that do well and not really the smart people. Years later memorization courses came out promising good grades.

"My experience in Canada is that both the head and testicles are targeted through repetitive energy assault weapons, types of radar, from neighboring homes, public places, .. , the weaponization of space, the targeted system believed to be medical radioactive isotopes that can be seen in the brain six feet underground from space, to damage cells that can lead to cancer and blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels leads to a damaged brain .. and infertility or castration." - Danny Hunt

The strategy consist of creating two sides, homicides towards both to create retaliation and revenge, and using these to hide oppression, tyranny, murdering human right defenders, civil rights activists, replacing them with others that are subjugated and controlled by the regime. Instead of a regime being blamed for basic human rights violations in their criminal code for the past 20 years, they can blame organized crime that prevents citizens from addressing their rights in court, for example, instead of tyranny and international human rights violations.

"I would like to add two things that I have experienced in Canada. 1) I was arrested after publishing a Mobbing Research article on CNN ireport, I was told that those who write about this issue and their cause tend to do the same, which I believe is intimidation to prevent research or exposure. 2) ..

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"the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights." - Stephen Harper "As the creator and founder of the only English website on workplace psychological harassment, mobbing, discrimination, sexual harassment, rage shooting factors, .. , that has experienced false allegations by the Canadian Police, charter of rights violations, freedom of expression, .. , dismissed in court, censorship, basic human rights violations in the Canadian Criminal Code, and ongoing radar assaults linked to a long term homicide attempts in Canada, to see the hypocrisy of the Canadian Prime Minister and British regimes makes me angry, my apologies for the negativity." - Danny Hunt ..

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I remember when China smashed two satellites together to prove a "concept" it created a lot of space garbage that threatened to damage or destroy other satellites, and the rest of the weaponized satellites. The British regime concept is that those who believe to be targeted by these should be incarcerated through police psychiatric intervention. Should more weaponization of space countermeasures be looked into to protect the citizens of British regimes and other countries? They may also have used these in recent conflict, targeting the Libyan army to help the rebels, Gaddafi was found in an underground tunnel, .. , a concern for other non-UK regimes.

"The British regimes seem to have a pattern of doing two things in one action. For example, they'll choose the weaponization of space, satellites to target their own citizens, oppression and tyranny, and for military conflict, instead of a submarine. Another example, they'll use this assault weapon technology from neighboring homes, public places, .. , combined with police false allegations and assessment orders for non-criminal responsibility before trial, guilty without a trial, a smear campaign combined with a long term homicide attempt."

"What I have experienced over the years, criminal harassment network and police setup, .. , homicide attempt through influence of the mind, high levels of sleep deprivation followed by false allegations combined with powerful and ongoing radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancer, .. , are said to the be mob's revenge for the death of Celine Hardy, .. , now they claim that the damages inflicted on me or death will be revenged too.

And as already mentioned, I now believe that the mob used focused ultrasound, like in the movie Dune (1984), to cause her death to target me indirectly. My Godmothers nephew also died suddenly of a brain lesian, rupture, when a child. My God father was a high ranking SQ officer, targeting me directly instead indirectly may have been more visible. I believe my cousin Martin may have targeted too, she died of brain tumor, was around my age, and the radar assaults aimed at the head and brain aim to inflict brain tumors. The mob used the death of Celine Hardy to put me on defensive years later when an adult, helped bring me down with constant hate from criminal harassment participants, .. mentioned in an other article, and push me to suicide through influence of the mind."

"I've come to the conclusion that Celine Hardy may have been killed through focused ultrasound technology, similar to the one in the movie Dune (1984), at around this period of time 1984-1985, to target me indirectly when we were both minors. I'm the nephew of a high ranking SQ officer, my god father, and another child Jr. mentioned previously, the nephew of my god mother who died suddenly of a stroke. ..

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OHCHR, AI International, and the Quebec Human Rights Commission dismissed human rights violation complaints in Canada, non-criminal responsibility before trial 672.12, guilty without a trial when successful, when the Supreme Court of Canada its self says that it is discrimination, and Appeals Court claim that it must be at the end of trial. Organized crime prevents addressing this law in court, a broken judicial system.

"Spectrum Canada told me that powerful radar does not cause cancer, it only kill pigeons. What applies to pigeons applies to people, and this is what British regimes like Canada are involved in, using powerful radar on citizens to commit homicides."

A large part of reducing health care costs is improving the populations health. The obesity epidemic is a main contributor to rising health care costs and fructose, super sugar, may be a major culprit in this epidemic. Cancer is another high cost contributor. Stress is said to be linked 80% of all illness. (Growth)

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"instead of providing information on powerful radar assault technology weapons, protective measures, detection measures, measures to detect and prove these are being used from neighboring homes for example, citizens are left with no information. They are faced with threats of psychiatric intervention for mentioning these, disinformation, ridicule, and gov industries assoc who deny any links to cancer from these "emitters only kill birds, they do not cause cancer"".

"the radar assaults come from neighboring homes, public places, the stock room locations, over head, and .. underground. In stores in Laval Quebec these emitters seem to be placed at strategic areas, when a person is over them they are activated resulting in an assault at the shin bone, prostate, colon, and testicle area. One location that I recently experienced was at the back of the rolling belt when bagging your own groceries. Someone is behind you at the cash register, you have to move out of the way and pack your groceries, only one location to stand at, assault location."

"I have been documenting a criminal harassment network in Laval Quebec Canada for several years.. the point is attempts at subjugation through this technology, HSS and LRAD, and these criminal harassment participants, this criminal harassment network, "you have to turn" aka "turn over" during long and delayed criminal proceedings through the coercion of energy assaults linked to deadly cancers." see the Technology page for more.

The mob or "secret police" in some regimes are using degradation as a part of their psychological abuse and manipulation strategy. Is it simply to 1) "lower" others, mobbing and degradation, 2) a part of Marie-France Hirigoyen's description of an emotional abuse strategy to push targeted victims to rage so that they seem aggressive and deranged when they lashout in anger, 3) a part of inflicting a damage to use in provocation, to "burn them", anger and bitterness, 4) repetitive humiliation, psychological harassment, .. ,

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