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"The radar assaults focused on the shin bone, testicles, throat, lungs, and brain. They recently focus on the heart, since I started saying that focused ultrasound was being used to inflict brain damage, lesions, burst blood vessels, and heart attacks."

"I recommend "Assault A Neighbor With Radar Day" for the 17th and "Radar Attenuation Day" for the 18th, two opposing groups on different days for political debate and stimulation. One saying radar assaults cause cancer, a human right violation, violate a man's castle, .. , and the other saying it's legal when in support of the "secret police" and regime."

Movie scenes linked to tyranny, medieval patterns, and an illustration of what happened in Canada. A native was driven far from the city in a snow storm and freezing temperatures and died of this environmental exposure.

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"The criminal harassment network that I have been documenting in Canada uses influence of the mind for three different goals: 1. pushing victims to suicide, step by step using suicide factors, depression, psychological manipulation, and repetitive suggestions to kill yourself or hang yourself 2. for subjugation, step by step towards homelessness, ideation about organized crime and subjugation through organized crime 3. pushing targeted citizens to commit terrible crimes, through psychological manipulation, abuse, repetitive suggestions of retaliation, and symbolism clues that a crime has been committed through influence of the mind."

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"For installations with a longer service life, copper-bonded ground rods are the best fit. For many years, the copper cold water pipe has served as the primary grounding electrode for commercial & residential grounding." -- "the system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions. -- natural electrolytic salts that permeate into the surrounding soil, lowering resistivity"

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"The British regime use a workplace psychological harassment strategy, abuse, any retaliation is used to justify termination so the employee is on the defensive when faced with abuse. The same strategy of abuse is used by their criminal harassment network, the "secret police" or mob and police, criminal harassment through technology, focused ultrasound and energy assault weapons, different types of radar assaults from neighboring homes, public places, weaponization of space, over months aimed at inflicting long term serious illness and deadly cancer. The targeted citizen is on the defensive again, any claims of assaults results in incarceration through police psychiatric intervention, any retaliation or violence is used to incarcerate the targeted citizen, any gun violence is used to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to subjugation through organized crime and tyranny."

"I was wondering, how is it possible for me to be ongoing energy assaults, powerful radar, aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain damage, testicular damage, .. , for two years in my own home from neighboring homes, public places, the weaponization of space, .. , that I have to "turn" and be subjugated or die of cancer according to criminal harassment participants, .. , and nothing that I can do about it. I then watched Piers Morgan advocating gun control in the U.S., a defenseless population to subjugation and tyranny."

Stress, sugar, "acid-base imbalance, pH balance, acidic blood, .. ,", inflammation, macromineral deficiencies, .. , heart disease.

Stress, sleep deprivation, adrenaline, cortisol, acid-base imbalance, and macromineral deficienies are part of a medical knowledge mobbing weapon, a bad diet and a diet high in sugar helps.