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It is a simple and an obvious strategy used in the workplace, politics, and by regimes, a British regime pattern. They create the justification for what they want, which includes committing crimes and acts of terror to weaken civil rights and freedoms, and the right to bear arms.

In Canada citizens have to address any violations of their charter of rights in court, if they do not it is their fault. Non-criminal responsibility 672.12 (1)(3) before trial can circumvent the right to a trial, a basic human right, which violates the international treaties that Canada has signed so I believe Canada has a problem. ..

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The strategy to have people commit acts of terror involves abuse, retaliation or hitting back, and influence of the mind to advocate gun control. The crime and influence of the mind can involve symbolism, in this case I believe the clues involve Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, and New Jersey.

The "secret police", police, their participants, etc., always try to eliminate the means of subsistence of those they target, a complete shock to the general population who do not know. I believe this is what happened to Marc Lepine and a suicide note stating that he didn't commit his act of terror because he was on the edge of being homeless was written two to five days after he was dead. The daughter of a Montreal Police officer was also one of the victims.

Several years ago when the gun debate happened in Canada, the Marc Lepine rage shooting, people saying the right to bear arms deters tyranny, the experts focusing on homelessness, the Canadian media focusing on an Arab father, a stereotype to hide the cause, a suicide letter that was presented 2 or more days after, etc, people (the media and subjugated secret police participants) also said that we didn't need the right to bar arms to protect us from tyranny, "we have the freedom of expression to protect us". ..

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The "secret police" in Canada targets citizens through police false allegations combined with energy assault weapons, types of powerful radar from neighboring homes, weaponization of space, public places, court house, underground emitters that shoot upwards, -- Their criminal harassment network participants repeat "those who don't turn are killed" aka those who are not subjugated when targeted are murdered through serious illness, cancer, or through organized crime.

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"According to Canada it is willing to accept the fact that a basic human rights violation exists when the right to a trial is circumvented but the blame for dismissing this human rights complaint lies with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from South Africa. In other words it is the UN's and South Africa's fault."

The "secret police" target family trees, relatives, children, to induce fear, for control or subjugation, common among terror regimes, systematically or gradually "cutting their line" or "blood lines". They use technology, the focused ultrasound to "burst blood vessels" in the brain, repetitive radar assaults to inflict deadly cancers, and staged accidents. One area that they like to target on men are the testicles, which results in sperm damage, mutations, birth defects, and retardation. Abuse, damages, provocation, influence of the mind, repetitive suggestions to hit back, etc, through gun violence to advocate gun control.

672.12 (1)(3) non-criminal responsibility before trial can circumvent the right to a trial, charter of rights violations presented at trial, make false criminal allegations valid, and make unlawful seizures of private computers legal. The higher courts have ruled that it cannot be used before trial but it remains in the Canadian Criminal Code because organized crime is used to prevent citizens from addressing their charter of rights and having this law modified or removed from the criminal code.

The pattern of massacres used to advocate gun control seems to be in locations where those advocating gun control should be the ones advocating the 2nd Amendment, to deter tyranny and oppression. In Canada it was in Quebec, the french province, where the secret police will use corruption and organized crime more than in other English provinces in attempt to control it.

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The U.S. 2nd Amendment deters tyrannical regimes that fear a well armed population that can rise up and remove them. Modern tyrannical regimes and hidden dictatorships function through their "secret police", corruption, organized crime "it's not tyranny, it's organized crime", and their charter of rights and freedom is not worth the paper that it is written on. This is what British regimes do.