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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Hurricane Sandy / Sandy Hook judge should impose “highest possible punitive damages” for Alex Jones as high as $2.75 trillion.
"Sandy Hook Elementary families said a Connecticut judge should impose “the highest possible punitive damages” for Alex Jones, suggesting by one calculation that could be as high as $2.75 trillion." -- "additional damages are warranted on top of a nearly $1 billion jury award because Jones broke a state law barring the sale of products using false statements. They reached the trillion-dollar sum by multiplying the state law’s up-to $5,000 per-violation fine by the 550 million social media exposures Jones’s audience received on his Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts in the three years following a school shooting"

Sandy Hook Families Ask Judge to Max Out Alex Jones Penalty

I think it's a new court record that would bankrupt even Elon Musk at that time (he's no longer the wealthiest man on Earth).

The US forecast said that Hurricane Sandy would head out to sea, the EU model said it would head inland like it did. Why?

There's the word of play, still no motive by the US authorities or gov requesting gun control.

It's looks very much like organized crime retaliation manipulation, possibly for gun control.

Another possibility is that here in Canada radiological and sonic weapons are used to target, threaten, murder kids to subjugate adults.

These weapon types are used by the gov, city, Federal Police (terrorism) jurisdiction corruption combined with the city police corruption, teamworking with secret police participants that also engage in psychological harassment, threats of homelessness, cancer, demands, psychological manipulation, retaliation manipulation, .. (gun ctrl). This since the 80s and still ignored by what can be labeled as organized crime government (Democrats and Liberals (I don't vote)) to this day. Ongoing corruption that continued and increased under PM Trudeau. In the US Biden has not said anything either except demand gun control.

The Biden administration tried to cast doubt on the sonic weapons used on US embassy employees and their people claimed they were actually radiological weapon types. I strongly believe the original statement by the gov employees of sonic weapons that damage the brain, which matches what they are doing in Canada, and my own experience. It's linked to the "gamma gun", which is actually a sonic tool to give people lobotomies. The term gamma being linked to radiological weapon terrorism that is detectable by radiation detectors or geiger counters (dosimeters), and in different videos uploaded on YouTube ref Oct 17 2019 (and many more linked to QC Police Ethics and CRCC RCMP corruption).

No lawsuit against the US weather forecasters, damages in NY NJ ? Maybe $2.1 Trillion in damages ?