Sat, Dec

Homelessness Comment from Regina Councillor Sparks Frustration from Indigenous Community Leaders

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Gov, Media, Homeless rarely say truth for different reasons: 1) Gov corruption, homelessness 2) Homeless mostly drug addicts, will not pay rent 3) Citizens Gov & Police trying to bankrupt 4) Radiological & Sonic weapons from neighboring apartments (Gov & Police corruption) 5)
Mobbing in Modern Society, Gov - Police - Secret Police participants in corruption, repression through homelessness.

Secret Police participants guiding towards gangs and drugs, human trafficking, homeless drug addicts, (drug money in city real estate).

Terrorism, radiological and sonic weapons used from neighboring homes, shopping centers, universities, public libraries, coffee houses, McDs, .. , and homeless shelters;

Combined with Police false allegations, fabricated allegations, fabricated fines, corrupt courts and proceedings, ..

Subjugation, homicides through terminal illness like cancer, "cleaning", .. control of wealth, leadership position, knowledge, Gov, Judges, ..

"Terina Shaw asked whether some Indigenous people choose to be homeless at a city council meeting. “I heard this one by an Indigenous person. She talked about people with an Indigenous culture that don’t want to have homes,” Shaw said during the meeting."