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Mobbing in Modern Society
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#Mobbing #Homelessness #CBRNE(S) .. #Dec6
I'm on welfare, eating tuna cans, grilled peanut butter sandwiches, stir-fry rice, spaghetti salt & pepper.. The neighbors and different people at shopping centers, public libraries, etc, start making weird insinuations that I'm a criminal, gay, pedophile, in a different gang, shooting threats, threats of assassination.. I haven't received my monthly check, it's late.

I call the welfare office, Nancy Pelosi answers the call. She says the check is late, not sure why, will look into it, call me back, case # 98765567890.

A few days pass, no call from the Government or Nancy Pelosi. The landlord starts making insinuations that I'm a drunk, on drugs, and not paying the rent, threatens me with eviction.

There's Sonic LRAD weapon type used at night, sleep deprivation. During the day powerful radar type assaults from neighboring apartments and from below. I suspect xray type assaults too but have no Geiger counter, cannot afford one to confirm it. The different people everywhere start making threats of cancer, brain tumors, which makes staying in my apartment scary.

Ongoing different insinuations, threats, eviction threats, I call the Police. They refer me to social workers and hospital. I call the Government, speak to Nancy, some kind of glitch, probably because I did my taxes, still looking into it.

I get evicted, no address no welfare monthly check. Things get worse with different threats, gang ideation, retaliation ideation, shooting threats, gay themes, cancer threats, poison threats, the different sonic and radiological weapon types being used everywhere, degrading hygiene, no washrooms, smearing me with cock cheese and shit, different people saying it's because "you smell" .. "squatting" everywhere .. "stay outside".