Wed, May


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I'm calling the Gov about my monthly check, still not received. Joe Biden answers the phone. It's late, another 4 weeks. Another 4 weeks? #$%&@$!! .. I'm going to get evicted! Joe says Gov was elected by society, it's society, have to vote for change. What &%&$#!! .. Joe hangs up.

I get evicted. No address no monthly check.

I'm at a homeless shelter. Shelter rep says do you have one of those Geiger counters (crime tip: radiological xray weapons) and a metal helmet like magnito (crime tip: sonic weapon and powerful radar type lasers)? What? No. He says I can sleep upstairs. He says do you have one of those poison detection things.. What? No. He says they serve one meal. He says I can always join a gang for protection, they don't kill each other just at war with other gangs. What? No.

I go into underground subway on cold days, get into fights with Police and Subway Security, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, tai kwon do, sambo, samba, tai chi ..

I meet the oracle, the architect, ..