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Mobbing Research: Psychological Manipulation Towards Bankruptcy

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Summary: I predicted USA Economic Collapse,

tried to warn friends, banks, Gov, Police, etc. A few years later I'm attacked again by Secret Police participants, Police, Gov Justice Canada. They #Charbonneau(s) #Caron(s) fabricated false allegations combine with Sonic & Radiological weapons. Tried to keep me incarcerated to bankrupt me through participating defense lawyers.. I was faced with legal fees and shielding material costs during long criminal proceedings that's combined with Crown trying to force non-criminal responsibility to circumvent charter violations and trial "uttering threats towards women" "same as innocent" "costs less, no trial" and repeated Police Psych Intervention attempts "call of suspicious vehicle" "what's this?" Shielding protection measures, incarceration attempts.

Even after years of being knocked out, +20% interest credit cards and monthly over limit fees from TD & RBC Banks they still failed to bankrupt me but recently knocked out our Climate Change Mass Extinction site. It's now a html big Twitter something page, our new CCME site. 😪 (Thwaites, Antarctic, domino effect now in news 2-3 meter coast rise)

I got attacked again, another Psychological Manipulation attempt towards bankruptcy by Canada & USA participants. Secret Police participants attacked my stocks again on April 2 #CoronavirusCrisis. #CoronavirusCrisis makes stock market more volatile and manipulated more by Gov actions.

[#Coronavirus Feb 21 2020 (#Charbonneau(s)) something wrong, stock market starts to crash. March 11 WHO declares Pandemic, 13th QC Gov shutdown, 14th @DHUNTtweets locked out of Twitter. April 2nd Questrade (RBC,TD) used Margin Call ($680) CAD to sell 3950 FNMA stocks $1.49, about $6000 USD (600 FNMA = $900 USD). After I had Buying Power $25,000+, Maint Excess $7,000+, Cash $6000+ CAD. Questrade rep says they can do that.] More than a month later after I contacted USA & Canadian organizations I was contacted by Questrade, delay due to Coronavirus, human error, over sell off, restored account.

Here is the interesting Psychological Manipulation part, which includes USA stock trading organizations, news,.., and US President Trump. I now have a buying power of $25,000, stocks and market recovering, everything great, buy now before market completely recovers.. Market recovering, ongoing market sales pitch.. I know this game. I've seen it before, many times. I also suspect trouble waters, other news sources about #Coronavirus. One week, two weeks, .. markets recovering .. Market crashes again. So, foolish, ignorant, brainwashed, "trying to help you", deceived investor would have bought and gone pop! On margin call.