Sat, Dec

Playboy Bunny 60th : Love Life 2020

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Hello ladies. Turns out I have a story.

Virologist comes to Canada to escape Beijing persecution. Everywhere we go I say Chinesse assassines, hide. We get to my place. I tell her take off all your clothes they're tracking us (like movie). Flush your phone down the toilet. It's not working. I throw it across the street.
.. we have sex in the shower, floor, bedroom. She is much younger than I am. I'm exhausted, in love, propose marriage a few times. Beijing can't do anything if we're married.

Hello SpeakerPelosi UN_Women, what about JoeBiden wife's returns. I remember John McCain didn't know how many houses they had.

(George, Floyd) Record Hot May Weather, there seems to be clues (intimidation, setup, aim blame..) that this homicide was planned. (used for election PR like #Coronavirus #Terrorism)