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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Christine, a bit more about Christine later. Spoiler Alert! There's a HUGE CLIMATE CHANGE BATTLE

in the movie ATTRACTION 2 (Sci-Fi, Drama).

I didn't go to court today July 17 2020, which means automatic loss -$100. I'm sure it was Police & Secret Police teamwork again. A jaywalking ticket, "my discretion to give it or not", in front of ConcordiaU where I was filming my surroundings, background radiation, and a few #Terrorism attacks (Ongoing issue Gov, SPVM, RCMP). It reminds me of the 2nd great (SPVM) Police fabrication, "tent" in Park Mont-Royal Aug 9 2017, TERRORISM attack at UQAM Aug 17 2017, Historical Eclipse Aug 20th (21) 2017. It turnsout they are setting up huge tent for MTL 350th, blanket (tent) on handcart has Eclipse SAGA logo (Vampires & Werewolves movies).

The great 1st (Laval) Police and Secret Police fabrication is the #Charbonneau(s) Feb 21 2011 (Oct 21 ) ("uttering threats towards women" "no choice, Police demand you have to stay incarcerated, wrote about Lepine.."). They fabricated criminal allegations from an online Mobbing Research article about homelessness linked to rage shootings, Marc Lepine, and theory suicide letter was fabricated (Police, Secret Police, gun ctrl). Unlawful search and seizure of personal computers, unlawful non-criminal responsibility before trial.. The Crown is theoretically DOA once I give the article to the judge. Later appeal unlawful assessment Crown demand. They have their own DOA plan, radiological weapons from neighboring homes,.., "you have to run", long criminal proceedings.

I did a bit of My Jacques-Cartier Bridge Story activism on Facebook yesterday. Next is My Montreal STM Subway Story featuring SPVM Police making insinuations that I'm a pedophile. At McGill Metro I noticed new suicide hotline number. These don't really help much when you simply run into more secret police participants but it looks..

For a few years now secret police kept doing some repetitive ideation about It's my x girlfriends (it's Jews, gay men), an SPVM Police who died in motorcycle accident, and about Christine. Secret Police reminded me of what happened yesterday. Ok, now we go way back in time. I'm at a bar with friends, vodka 7up, talking to a girl when Christine just shows up in front of me, red dress, blond hair braided like lady Gadiva (very hot). I'm her boyfriend. We start making out, leave.

It's a great memory, probably sounds bad to some. I'm going through workplace psychological harassment at FedEx, under a lot of stress, external secret police network participants too, exhausted. Increasing insecurity, probability that I'm going to lose my job, quit. I do not know what I'm going to do. One day after making love at her apartment Christine tells me she's suffocating, being strangled, not enough money, tight. I should have moved in with her, just given her money to help her out but I didn't. My friend Luigi has a friend, an SPVM Police Officer called Pat (living together at Luigi's house). Pat is also involved in this weird external secret police harassment. One night we go out, I bring Christine. Not sure about order of events but this happened. Christine walks in front Pat and Carl, her butt sticking out more than usual. Pat pointing at her butt while walking with and talking to Carl. Christine sits on Pat and Carl in back of Luigi's car instead of with me in front. At a Montreal bar she plays pool with them instead of talking to me. We make love at Luigi's house.

One day at her place she tells me she's had a date, and in love. Our relationship is over. More strange events. Pat apparently dies in motorcycle accident. We go to his funeral. Luigi says it doesn't look like him because of accident. Two SPVM Police show up, pray. Carl later said he cried like never before. With all the weird secret police stuff I'm starting to think maybe Pat simply needed to disappear, cease to exist. A weird fabrication, everyone conspiring against me. Why? They separated me from Christine? They do this, isolation, no girlfriend. Use it to entice towards gangs, etc. I assume that Christine lived happily ever after, and possibly better than she would have with me given persecution and poverty.

SPVM Police and Pat, secret police participants stole my girlfriend!

I leave FedEx, quit. FedEx's head of security former FBI Paul Richardson goes to my neighbors house Ray Quinn (son DQuinn gay, worked for Pepsi). I go to Ray's house, simply open the door. Paul moves out of site. Ray comes to see me and says he'll talk to me later. Paul is in Ray's driveway, sitting in his car and says "do you see a hat!" .. "come on Lyne!". Woman sits on passenger side. Ray (worked at Alexis Nihon mtl) comes and sees me. I ask who is that? He says it's his brother in law Big Bob.

Later came the secret police manipulation towards suicide that missed, failed, lucky. Not the end.. crazy sex with this other woman.. For years I see rage shootings on US TV. Police and news "deranged individual" "don't know what happened". I know all about workplace psychological harassment, external secret police network participants, threats of homelessness, etc, and psychological manipulation (#1 in the World google page ranks, women in clubs not impressed, possibly secret police participants).