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Mobbing in Modern Society
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I wake up early ..

.. in progress .. "un incident sur la ligne orange entraîne un retard de 40 minutes" ..

The Gov and Montreal Mayor on the news say they don't want to say how many suicides or keep statistics on these suicides in the Metro (Subway) to prevent copy cats.


July 7 SPVM Police on bicycles show up, make insinuations that I might be a pedophile..

(People scared and worried..) what are you doing here.. people scared and worried, you have computer hardware and there's children.

People are scared and worried because I have computer hardware and close to children?

Yes, computer hardware next to children. Just want to know what's going on.

I'm repairing my handcart.

I've seen you often..

Is it an infraction?

Why are you on guard sir?

I record all my interactions with the Police.

You've had bad experiences?


Do you want to talk about it?

No, what are your questions?

Wanted to know if you wanted to talk about these experiences, we could have consulted you but that's ok.

So I'm repairing my handcart.

Do you live nearby? (homelessness, squating allegations)




If you don't want to answer you are within your rights.

It's you who does not want to answer.


It's you who does not want to answer.

Ah mister.. it's in your rights.

Me I'm asking you why you are asking me this question?

I told you before, there's people worried because you have computer hardware near children, therefore maybe a pedophile. I come to see..

Who are these people? (Secret Police participants, fabrications)


Who are these people?

They are employees.

City employees?

Montreal City employees to answer your question.

Is it those employees sitting there?

No, not at all.

Because they can also ask me questions.

It's not them.

Is there anything stopping them from asking me questions?

They do what they want but it's not them. I'm telling you what's going on.

So it's City Employees?

You are not answering our questions.

So it's City Employees.

What are you doing with your computer hardware? If you tell me you are only listening to music.. If you tell me that's what you are doing it .. me .. you are not telling me what you are doing with your computer hardware.

I already told you several times.

Yes I can clearly see that you are repairing..

So it's City employees?

What are you doing with your computer hardware that's all we want to know.

My computer hardware, you mean my batteries?

It's pretty much what you have in your hands.

My laptop .. .. what?

You seem to like to film a lot (motions like filming with tablet) just want to make sure you are not filming children.

No I'm not filming children.

I trust in your word, it would be best if it didn't happen.

Is it forbidden?


Is it forbidden?

It depends how you are doing it, why you are doing it, and if you have permission to do it.

[(Secret Police, Security Guards & Police Teamwork (mobbing - psychological manipulation (suicide & retaliation) - psychological harassment - criminal harassment - HSS Tech weapons backpack/laptops - background radiation TERRORISM - fabrications, homelessness, sleep deprivation, etc)). Guards misinformed about laws and policies. ONGOING ISSUE Basically misinformation, fabrication,.., to prevent crime, participants (they complain) from being filmed. Mostly corrected at ConcordiaU,.., with relapses back into misinformation, etc. After filming TERRORISM OCT 17 at Complex-Desjardins some security guards were telling that if I continued to be physically attacked for filming background radiation that I would be banned from the shopping center, which is what happened with McGillU .. , Atwater Shopping Center TERRORISM FEB 8. Turns out SPVM Police do not take TERRORISM complaints (RCMP National Security (Terrorism div) Jurisdiction)]

Am I allowed to film my surroundings?

You are allowed to film the Police Intervention no problem.

No no .. the children are in the Park, am I allowed to film my surroundings?

It depends what you plan to do with it.

What's forbidden?

It depends what you do with it.

Like what, what's forbidden?

(Truck .. Music) .. I cannot just inform you.. you said you are not filming the children .. .. you said it's not the case ..

What insinuations are you making?

What .. truck passing ..

Go a head I'm listening.

There is no insinuations.

What would be your idea of something that would make it forbidden?

I don't know you, you don't know me, therefore you do not know how I'm going to intervene with you, .. so I'm asking you to intervene with me, I want to know what are you doing here?

I don't want to do anything wrong.

Honestly your attitude let's me doubt your intentions but I have no clue of what you are going to do with your videos. The first thing you do is start filming us when we arrive.

Yes, I explained why.

It's because you had bad experience.. that's ok.

No no, it's not only that. I film all my interactions with the Police.

Ok, perfect, therefore.. if you continue to listen to music or what ever, we have no problem.

More later (breakfast, lunch, suppertime 18:40 .. )

So you do not want to explain your words.

We explained them .. .. I think it's clear enough ..

What is it ..

We explained that some would find it strange a man with computer hardware next to children. It's normal that people find this suspicious.

So people thought it was strange..

If I was here with my two daughters and a man was sitting there with his tablet I would find it strange. It's normal, it's normal behavior.

You find this strange.

We are verifying what you are doing here.

You don't find this strange?

No.. no..

A man with computer hardware (motion's holding a tablet) next to children.

No, first of all..

Filming children..

I'm fixing my handcart and I have a tablet that is filming you. You you are talking to me about children.

If you are here to film children we are advising that it's not ok and would want you to leave that is all.

If that's not what you are doing then there's no problem.

So if someone was here filming the children it would be forbidden.

If .. were here would you want him filming you with your daughters?

No no that's not the question.

The question, reverse the situation.

That's not the question. Is it forbidden?

It depends on it's use.

It's use, but it's what, you have not, can you give me an example?

B le le the idea behind all of this.

What is your idea. I don't know what you idea is.

We won't give you ideas.

You know very well. Are you a pedophile?

No I'm not a pedophile.

The people who are going to film children are pedophiles. You-They could be pedophiles.

If I'm filming my surroundings and you guys arrive here with funny insinuations when I'm not even filming my surroundings..

We what to assure that you are not..

I'm not even filming my surroundings. If I film my surroundings what will be your insinuations?

He just wants to put conflict in all of this. It has nothing to do with anything. Continue .. if you are changing your wheel. We won't argue about the rest. What you want to do with the video and what we are insinuating.

So what are your names?

Valiant 7322, That'sEnough 6264, Paris 7013

Thank you.

You what is your name?

Danny Hunt.

Your date of birth?

July 25th.

We are going to make a note of that.

Go ahead.

Danny Hunt. How do you spell it?

h u n t.

You said your date of birth Mr Hunt?

25th of July.

What year?


Because I'm asking.


25th of July. What year?


You asked us for our names we gave them.


Our numbers.

Tell me why you want my name?

If there's a call following this .. ..

You have my name.

Full date of birth.

You have my name.

I will you now. I want your names to file a complaint.

You are allowed sir. It's in your rights.

You you want my name why?

If ever there is anything.

You have the information you need.

That's it. It's ok. File a complaint.

The City Employees, which city employees?

It's anonymous. Regardless of whether..

Did they call?

It's anonymous.

Did they call, speak to you, because there were city employees sitting right there.

You when you call the Police ..


You when you call the Police, 911..

Well you have complaints, misleading you, all kinds of stupidities..

Sir do you still need our services.

Do you know it's crime? It's criminal mischief.

Mr Hunt do you still need our services?

No I do not need your services.

Perfect, have a nice day.

Good bye.