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Mobbing in Modern Society
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My Michael Moore Story

Plasma, Quest For Fire The 2nd Apokalips

Michael Moore decides to say goodbye to Communism so

he buys an 18 wheeler and paints Lenin with Russian flag as a backdrop on it. He drives around the USA telling people he's saying goodbye to Communism. One night, he pulls over to eat at McDonald's. The Police Chief who noticed his truck was following him, called secret police participants in Fire Dept.

Michael comes out of McDonald's, walks towards his 18 wheeler, sees Police Chief and firemen hosing the engine. Once close enough he says "hey that's my truck". The Police Chief turns around with his gun drawn "get back!". Michael gets back and says "I'm Michael Moore, that's my truck for my show". The Police Chief leaves, firemen have strange looks on their faces.

Michael leaves town on foot, still followed by the Police Chief. He returns in a rented van with machine guns, goes on a rampage. He shoots up an electric pole, stadium lights, cell phone tower, KFC bucket, Firemen Dept trucks and shot dead by the swat team.

In the morning the media gathers to hear what happened, get news info from Police Dept. The Police Chief and Mayor say deranged individual went on a rampage, stopped by brave officers, another example of why more gun control is needed. RIP Michael Moore

It's not a funny story. It's a story about Police and Secret Police participants corruption, tyranny, leading to and causing a rampage, which is then covered up through more corruption and by attacking rights that The People have.

The right to bear arms (2ndA) to protect themselves from tyranny, corruption, crime, #Terrorism, subjugation, secret police take over. Subjugation by Police Chief, Mayor, Government, Wealthy, Corporation, Coal Baron, etc. (Freedom of Speech) .. #Charbonneau(s).

#ClimateChange It's about jobs and growth, doing more of the same things. More drilling, more pipelines, refineries, gas stations. Building more things, more wood products with Boreal and Rainforest lumber. More deforestation until there is no more. It's about the dream of one day breathing clean air, replacing all coal power plants with Fusion Energy power plants. A fossil fuel related science fraud that will never work, or always 30 billion billion years away.