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Mobbing in Modern Society
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June 1st is International Day of Radar Type Assaults, we ask all UN and EU members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat", upload your selfies and party pictures.

June 1st is International Day of ‪#‎RadarTypeAssaults‬

We ask all UN EU US UK members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat"

Today is the @UN Global Day of Parents. What to do if a child goes missing?

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@EU_Commission @UN Today June 1st is International #RadarTypeAssaults Day

@EU_Commission @UN I spent several years documenting a network, their Psychological Manipulations,

@EU_Commission @UN Their Psychological Manipulations, are also linked to the ‪#‎SuicideFactors‬ that I also documented

@EU_Commission @UN This network is part of the US UK subjugation methods, and a homicide method that they tried to use on me,

@EU_Commission @UN A 1st homicide attempts, recently, a 2nd homicide attempt, method, repetitive #RadarTypeAssaults, and subjugation method,

@EU_Commission @UN From what I understand this mobbing, 2nd homicide attempt, is to hide the documented network, and the #SuicideFactors,

@EU_Commission @UN The 1st homicide method, #SuicideFactors leadership, are linked to the cause of cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides

@EU_Commission @UN I am now also aware of this regime secret police network methods, participants, threats.. Google forget about us, thks EU"

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets
@EU_Commission With US UK secret police threats, targeting our families, poverty, cancer, staged accidents,, we asked Google to forget us,

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets
Our site has leadership in #SuicideFactors the cause of cyberbullying and young gay teens suicides, but pls forget us Google -> US UK "mob"

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@UN @UNECOSOC International #RadarTypeAssaults Day June 1st : brain tumors, cancers, sterilization, US UK subjugation methods

@UN @UNECOSOC I'm going to "die in pain", cancer, "ahh, please stop the pain", deadly cancer, Google please forget about me,

June 1st is International Day of #RadarTypeAssaults
We ask all UN EU US UK members to say "did you try wearing a tinfoil hat"
Tweets to NRA "Heads up on gun violence!"

READ from BOTTOM towards TOP
Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@NRA After this cycle, the return of drugs, biker gangs on news, gun violence, murders, .. part of subjugation and gradual ethnic cleansing,

@NRA In the subjugated colony of French Quebec, they use minorities for ctrl, give them wealth, businesses, for ctrl, biker gangs, ->

@NRA The US UK do this during their cycles of tyranny, taking wealth, concentrating wealth, huge deficits, for ctrl, and subjugation, ->

@NRA Heads up on gun violence! what I understand is that US UK use poverty, #RadarTypeAssaults, guide targeted citizens towards biker gangs,

@NRA I thought at first it was only British colonies, their methods, and realized US UK partnership in subjugation,

@NRA I also see NRA censoring tweets,

@NRA The provocation, .. , involves US participants, .. The point, I'm under high surveillance and abuse in Canada, what happened in US?

@NRA These are all strategies used by the US UK partnership in hidden subjugation, their colonies like Quebec, ->

@NRA Targeted citizens by regime secret police are on defensive under their abuse, portrayed as aggressive, violence used to incarcerate, ->

@NRA This included #SuicideFactors and #RageShootingFactors , technology, they use abuse, inflict damages, use provocation, poverty, ->

@NRA I don't really understand the latest shooting, In QC Canada I document the regimes secret police harassment network, ->