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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Canada has forced treatment proceedure, mental heath, a human rights violation of article 12. (human rights violations in Canada, and mobbing in modern society ->)

In regime secret police tyranny, "corruption", mobbing, repression, homicides, .. , it is used in the same way police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration is used on victims of radar type assaults, from regime secret police participants. Threats and police psychiatric intervention attempts for mentioning radar type assaults, any visible protection measures against these assaults like a faraday cage or dielectric materials, the personal hygiene and behavior of people who try to avoid these assaults changes.

The secret police assaults include the sleeping hours, attempts to bath, and attempts to prepare meals.

The visible attempts at protection measures are said to be a sign of increasing delusions, instability, .. , requiring forced treatment, incarceration, injections, .. another threat towards visibility of the regimes use of radar type assaults on citizens for hidden subjugation .. US UK colonies.

In Quebec Canada the US UK subjugation method consists of a network, assaults in public locations, satellites "StarWars", from neighboring homes, degrading the brain through repetitive assaults, destroying the fertility of targeted males (French), aiming blame at police, minorities (Italian, Jewish, Greek mob), .. , guiding victims towards biker gangs.

Human Rights Violations

1. Attempts to Force "Unlawfull" Assessment Order in Court 2011-2012 (non-criminal responsibility before trial, it can be used to circumvent charter of rights violations and trial, ruled unlawfull by higher courts)

2. Attempts to Force Treat, Canada Has Legal Forced Treatment Proceedure.

Fax to new Doctor, Threats of Forced Treatment

"Dear Doctors

My experience from 2011, attempts to keep me incarcerated for psychological evaluation "no choice", I chose another choice, self representation. This was followed by the unlawful assessment order granted to the Crown for non-criminal responsibility before trial. The Crown was trying to escape charter of rights violations, higher court rulings, the unlawful seizure of personal computers without a warrant, the unlawful assessment order its self, and the trial. Throughout these long proceedings there were constant threats of psychiatric intervention, police, using parents, that leads to incarceration, costly participating lawyer, and the unlawful assessment order. More details, these violations were escaped through court corruption "errors". At the Superior Court Judge .. didn't have the Appeal, only a Time Extension Motion for Appeal, and Abuse of Process for attempt to force this unlawful assessment order, ending the proceedings, but the Judge ruled "the Appeal ceased to exist because it expired" a play of words explaining that she didn't have the Appeal, no Appeal means the motions, Abuse of Process, are Out of Jurisdiction. At trial the Lower Court Judge contradicted the seizure documents and police report, the court proceedings, return of computers, the seizure of my computers. He ruled that the computers were said to be those of my father, so the Crown is not trapped by the burden of justifying the unlawful seizure, charter violation dismissed. At the start of the proceedings I gave the Crown the article, he returned my computers, no need to search them, no copies needed, and no way to justify the unlawful seizure. He stretched the proceedings, forcing the unlawful assessment order, stating that once the assessment order completed things should be over, non-criminal responsibility of "uttering threats towards women" due to mental illness is the same as not guilty. As mentioned, there were no threats, and I was acquitted at trial. Other threats from secret police harassment participants were that if I defended myself, I was working, threats to my means of subsistence. From this abuse, corruption, threats, harassment, and other past experience you can see why I worry about more of the same treatment.

I asked Dr .. not to provide any information to anyone, parents included, and to advise me of any intervention attempts by anyone.

The article I wish to share from the OHCHR contains this section, linked to the threat of forced treatment, incarceration.

"The CRPD notes that there is a general misunderstanding of States’ obligations under Article 12 and a failure to recognise the importance of “supported decision-making.” Instead, “substituted decision-making”, where others make choices on the person’s behalf, remains common - for example under guardianship regimes or through the use of mental health laws that permit forced treatment. -- The CRPD, which monitors the implementation of the Convention, has now issued a detailed reading of Article 12 to clarify States’ obligations. In its General Comment No 1, the Committee underscores the position that States are obliged to provide persons with disabilities with the broad range of support they may need to make decisions that have legal effect. -- “Support in the exercise of legal capacity must respect the rights, will and preferences of persons with disabilities,” the General Comment highlights. The CRPD recognises that sometimes it is not practicable to determine exactly what an individual wants, but in these cases decisions should be made on the “best interpretation of their will and preference”, rather than basing choices on what they regard as the “best interests” of the person.""

Threats of Forced Treatment

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets

Today it looked like more of the same treatment, a setup, abuse, corruption, through mental health and the pretext of good will,

Today it was talk of forced treatment, injections, a treatment I have refused in the past, threats of forcing this treatment,

The Canadian system has legal procedures to force medical treatment for mental health, instead of decisions, wish, of a citizen,

I referenced the good intentions of the police, parents, Crown prosecutor in past abuse, corruption, in the recent fax I sent,

My Experience: Danny Hunt (World #PressFreedom Day)

"On Feb 21, 2011 I was arrested, incarcerated for 3 days, released on Feb 23, 2011 after publishing a Mobbing Research article on CNN iReport. The Crown did not drop the charges but tried to force an unlawful assessment order before triel. There were several charter violations, seizure of personal computers without a warrent, freedom of expression, .. ,. The court proceedings lasted 16 months, acquitted on Jun 4, 2012. -- Human rights violations complaint was dismissed by the OHCHR from South Africa, throughout the long and delayed proceedings I was assaulted with types of radar in QC Canada that aim to degrade the brain, inflict deadly brain tumors, destroy my fertility, .. , and subjugate me. -- The article was about the cause of rage shootings, pushing targeted citizens to homelessness to subjugate them."

World #PressFreedom Day, I'm attacked by the secret police, a network, radar type assaults, they try to guide me towards biker gangs,

Danny Hunt @DHUNTtweets
@UNHOP World #PressFreedom Day, My experience as a civil right, climate change activist, human rights defender in Quebec Canada,

@UNHOP World #PressFreedom Day, I'm attacked by the secret police, a network, radar type assaults, they try to guide me towards biker gangs,

@UNHOP World #PressFreedom Day, I guess this would make it harder to be a civil rights, climate change activist, government critic, ..

@UNHOP World #PressFreedom Day, the 1st Chinese Emperor burned books, the US UK repress knowledge through their secret police too, homicides