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The Hidden Subjugation Methods of US UK Partnership

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The US and UK have a partnership in hidden subjugation, colonies, and use cycles of tyranny to take wealth, concentrate wealth, persecutions, pretexts, target leadership positions, citizens of interest, for control and subjugation. These cycles of tyranny have been used for centuries by medieval kings. see video illustration


It may not be obvious to everyone that when Cons. and Republicans are in power, create huge deficits through tax cuts to the wealthy, it is taking wealth. The wealth can be taken and redistributed anywhere. The current economic method involves using infrastructures to leverage these deficits.

A related issue with gradual ethnic cleansing of Natives, other ethnics cleansing, and cleansing of human assets or traits, the US UK prefer building infrastructures in hidden subjugated colonies, one that is secured and cleansed of "alphas",,,, for easier control and subjugation.


They target civil rights leaders, and human rights leaders, subjugate or murder them, the current method is through cancer, brain tumors, combined with censorship.

Civil rights leaders can interfere with hidden subjugation methods, expose hidden tyranny, "corruption", circumventing rights and laws, create visibility for the general population, "the leadership must come from the US".


They gradually ethnic cleanse Natives in their colonies to control the resources, and also gradually degrade beauty, intelligence, "alphas", high deductive abstract reasoning for control and hidden subjugation of these colonies.


The secret police also use ethnics in subjugation over larger ones, in the French province of Quebec this involved the Italians and Jews. These subjugation methods are copied in other subjugated colonies, like Germany after WWI. A theory, after WWI these subjugation methods used by the US UK, using minority ethnics, the Jews, and implementing their secret police gradual cleansing of "alphas",,, may have led to the Holocaust, Hitler using a cycle of tyranny to take the wealth of Jews, a pretext of racism "a common superior race with the British". This same pretext was used again in South Africa to take control of South Africa's wealth through Apartheid by the British. see Holocaust Program articles



Acid-violence is used to degrade the beauty of women, their asset, in Bangladesh, Pakistan. These are linked to British cycles of tyranny, they use these to concentrate wealth and land for control and subjugation. In this strategy of targeting the beauty and brain asset of citizens is hidden another evil linked to control and subjugation, reproduction, the traits of those targeted, intelligence, high deductive reasoning, to gradually "dumb down" the general population, to prevent exposure of hidden dictatorships. A "dumb down" population is more easily fooled and deceived, "by Loki", secret police, and subjugated, the illusion of freedom and democracy.


In Canada this British regime uses the weaponization of space, radar type assaults, to damage and degrade the brain through repetitive assaults. They target and destroy the fertility of Quebec males, sterilization, linked to gradual ethnic cleansing like sterilizing the Natives.


We were told by the US UK partnership in the 1980s that the Star Wars program was to shoot down 100s of missiles in flight, instead these satellites and radar types assaults are aimed at citizens for subjugation, the head and brain to gradually degrade the brain, inflict deadly brain tumors, a documented assassination method, and cancers. The subjugation technology includes focused ultrasound to burst blood vessels in the brain, sleep deprivation,, they target children to subjugate adults. This partnership is made more obvious in both UK US using denial, ridicule, misinformation, and US 2nd amendment amnesia in TV gun debates.


The current subjugation method of the US UK involves workplace psychological harassment extended to a public secret police criminal harassment network, stores, participants, intercom, cameras. They use the threat of homelessness for subjugation, gradually being pushed to poverty, and homelessness through crime and "corruption". One interpretation is that these stores and participants are "police helpers". They have combined this with space age weapons assaults, satellite radar type assaults, assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, and public places. They guide those targeted, "alphas", beauty, high deductive abstract reasoning, .. , towards biker gangs for subjugation.


The strategy involves creating two sides, mafia, biker gangs, and hiding behind these for subjugation, similar to using ethnics and participants, the murder of targeted citizen, secret police ideation about mafia or biker gangs, "protection", retaliation, "hitting back", and reinterpretations for deception. It can involve the secret police using participants in a homicide, and then "cleaning up" by claiming these were killed "retaliation" by the other side.


The theory that the subjugation methods used in Quebec Canada, the secret police use of minorities, Italians and Jews, to subjugate larger ones like the French in QC may have been copied in Germany after WWI by the UK US secret police partnership, leading to Hitler and WWII has been mentioned previously. After WWII, Germany, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Pakistan, .. , Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, .. , ?


Brain Tumor: (Martine Villyaird 17) The satellite radar type assaults and assaults during sleep from neighboring homes aim for the center of the brain, to inflict deadly inoperable brain tumors that manifest themselves 10 years later. Burst Brain Blood Vessel: (Jr. Racine 10) The focused ultrasound technology, HSS, LRAD, .. , used for sleep deprivation, to communicate threats, repetitive suggestions, instructions to participants, .. , is also used to inflict damage and burst blood vessels in the brain, possible heart attacks like in TEDTalks medical science demonstration and movie Dune (1984). Lung Cancer, Leukemia: The radar type assaults also focus on lung damage and shinbone damage, possible deadlier xray emissions used too.


I was the victim of workplace psychological harassment aimed at getting rid of me followed by the extension of this to a regime secret police public criminal harassment network aimed at using poverty and homelessness to get rid of me, or subjugate me. They also led me to believe I had caused the death of someone when a minor, ideation about being framed "who told you .. you knew", run away. I reported the belief of this death to the police and was charged with criminal mischief. The point, no evidence about workplace psychological harassment, regime criminal harassment network, existed when faced by employer or regime denial, so I began to document these to empower victims of this type abuse or crime.

Pyschological Harassment Information Association website was created on Oct 20, 2003, the criminal mischief charges were between 2003-2004.


The regime criminal harassment network used psychological manipulation, technology (focused ultrasound), repetitive suggestion that I should hang myself, suicide factors, hate, rejection, depression, in a homicide attempt through influence of the mind, which was repealed in Canada in 1999, and linked to cyberbullying and young gay teen suicides.


This secret police criminal harassment network was using a hidden medical knowledge weapon, acide-base imbalance and macromineral depletion, deficiency, calcium and bone loss. The routines are documented on Psychological Manipulation page, combine with sleep deprivation through focused ultrasound from neighboring homes, stress, threats and adrenaline, potassium loss, acid-base imbalance, blood pH imbalance, macromineral, calcium depletion.


This was later linked to events at Gitmo, threats and adrenaline, liquid diet, potasium loss, .. , calcium depletion.

MICHAEL JACKSON THEORY (smear campaign pattern)

The use of focused ultrasound from neighboring homes for sleep deprivation was later linked to Michael Jackson, theory, combined with a smear campaign leading to his overdose. It matches my experience of focused ultrasound for sleep deprivation, radar type assaults from neighboring homes "run away or die of cancer" "you have to turn" aka be subjugated, combined with a smear campaign attempt "uttering threats towards women" in a mobbing research article.


Workplace psychological harassment, workplace abuse strategy to make targeted employees appear deranged and aggressive (see Marie France Hirigoyen), bullying, repetitive humiliation, are linked to rage shootings and rage shooting factors (see Rage Shooting Factors page). The theory involves the secret police targeting citizens, draining their finances, attempting to corner them through homelessness, influence of the mind, ideation about retaliation or being visible to the population by committing a terrible crime, and aiming these at schools to advocate gun control. A defenseless population is easier to subjugate, and less threatening when using tyranny.

My experience after publishing a Mobbing Research article on this issue was incarceration, my personal computers seized without a warrant, police demands that I remain incerated, long proceedings that drained my finances, repetitive radar type assaults aimed at degrading my brain, inflicting deadly brain tumors like my cousin Martine Villyard, destroying my fertility, ideation about retaliation, constant threats to my means of subsistence, abuse to make me appear deranged or dangerous through anger or rage, using different ideation about mafia and biker gangs, and attempts to subjugate me.


Symbolism can be involved in terrible crimes, a clue that the secret police and influence of the mind was involved. One example is Jared Loughner, A Federal Juge Rolls, Congress Women Gifford, and NASA Mark Kelly. Juge Rolls "you have to turn or die of cancer" aka be subjugated, Gilford was the former face of the RCMP and involved in sexual harassment case, NASA is linked to StarWars radar type assaults. Another example is Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elimentary, Hurricane Sandy, the devestation at New Jersey, people living in harsh conditions during winter, Adam Lanza found with brothers New Jersey license in pocket.

My experience with symbolism in crime, Her Majesty The Queen could have dropped the false allegations, freedom of expression violation, the radar type assaults came from neighboring homes, one side is Quinn (The Queen), who is gay, the other side is Mergal (Merkel), I was acquited 16 months later on June 4th 2012 during the Queens Diamond Jubeli. The suicides factors and videos involve hate and rejection, anti-gay rhetoric, cyberbullying and gay teen suicides, shortly before Clemente had committed suicide, leading to promotion of It Gets Better in US. When incarcerated with police demand that I remain incarcerated during the long proceedings my website went offline, facebook pages were deleted, I was released, represented myself, the Crown prosecutor Her Majesty The Queen thought he had a case because of a ruling R v Clementi.


"Corruption", smear campaigns, mental health abuse, circumventing trial, charter of rights, ..

The radar type assaults are combined with police false allegations, regime and police denial, threats of police psychiatric intervention for protection measures, and police psychiatric intervention attempts that lead to incarceration during costly court proceedings. These are also combined with "unlawful" assessment orders before trial for non-criminal responsibility. If the assessment proves successful, found guilt but not responsible, the trial for false allegations is not needed, and charter violations such as freedom of expression, seizures of personal computers without warrant, .. , are all circumvented along with the trial.

The long and delayed proceeding that trap victims during these assaults is also part of homicide methods, gradual ethnic method, subjugation methods attempts, focused ultrasound, and the network participants.


Many different psychological manipulations are documented on the Psychological Manipulation page, including different routines of the regime criminal harassment network participants. During the long proceeding, radar type assaults, attempts to incarcerate them, take control of their defense, portray the defendant as "deranged", dangerous, or violent, as the victim attempts to avoid these assaults from neighboring homes their personal hygiene begins to suffer. The routines involve participants using threats of psychiatric intervention to put victims on the defensive, and degradation.

The degradation involves participants who try to smell the victim to share with the regime secret police network participants, to humiliate and degrade them.


According to secret police participants, those targeted, assaulted with types of radar, guided towards biker gangs by this regime network, have to suck a c*** with c*** cheese or a*** sex with a gang member, a "secret" for silence, used by the secret police participants to put them down, humiliation.


The secret police move their participants into place for those targeted by the regime. A citizen can try to address wrong doing or complaints when targeted, speak at first to normal staff who seem to understand the issue, and suddenly handed off to a person that does corruption for the regime.

The cycles of tyranny involves people who do corruption for the regime, in the government, media, courts, .. , following the cycle you can expect claims of more transparency, addressing corruption, and these fade away.


During US UK cycles of tyranny the secret police participants in corruption extends to the Police, Prosecutors, Judges, Director of Persecutions, .. , Human Rights Commission, and to the United Nations, positions held by colony members of the US UK, delays while the secret police attempt to corner targeted citizens through homelessness or serious illness, dismissing obvious human rights violations, and participants in denying their use of radar type assaults on citizens.


The Attorney General of the United States claims that it is "time to question laws" but has not yet fixed Guantanamo base used to circumvent them. see video


"The United States is still circumventing International Law and U.S. Law through the use of Guantanamo base. Now I see the current focus of wanting to address another law, stand your ground, claims it was never needed, and talk of civil rights. As the Attorney General that claims to value and uphold the laws, not circumventing them, and as the President of the United States who promised to "fix" Guantanamo, ongoing delays, when are you going to fix this?."


The discussion on domestic spying, Snowden, did not include mentioning the listening agreements between the US, CA, and UK. The UK and CA are hidden dictatorships that function through the secret police, corruption, and organized crime to subjugate the population. The theory is that these two countries, CA and UK are used to listen, spy on the US to circumvent US law.


Creating justification to take action or justify new rules is part of the workplace, involves employers and participating employees. In cycles of tyranny and subjugation it can involve the secret police and participants to create justification to reduce civil rights, justify a crackdown on population, ..,. Some conspiracy theories believe 911 was a US UK self inflicted attack to justify invasion of Afghanistan, followed by "weapons of mass destruction" to invade Iraq during this recent cycle. Following the 911 attack civil rights and US Amendments were weakened. Another example is the XL Keystone pipeline, a train explosion in a Quebec city and train derailments in attempts to justify this pipeline.


In Canada I was the recent victim  of this issue, attempts to circumvent laws or human rights. In court the judge granted an unlawful assessment order for non-criminal responsibility before trial to the Crown, which if successful would circumvent my right to a trial, several charter of rights violations, and make an unlawful seizure of personal computers without a warrant legal. When the Crown stated at the Superior Court that he had returned my computers, didn't need them, and had no copies he was automatically trapped in a charter violation and unable to justify a seizure without a warrant. This charter violation was later circumvented through an error by the judge that contradicted the long and delayed proceedings, police report, and seizure without a warrant documents. Some how the judge believed the computers were my fathers computers and not mine, charter violation circumvented and dismissed. The first OHCHR response was that I had not exhausted all domestic remedies, the second was simply cannot help you in this issue, which I believe was because of the long and ongoing criminal proceedings. Now acquitted I continue efforts to address these basic human rights violations that involve the freedom of express, discrimination, the right to a trial, privacy, a human rights defender under attack in Canada, and the impression that I got and still believe is that the OHCHR simply expected this issue to "go away" through poverty, homelessness, subjugated by the regime secret police, which is another regime strategy to circumvent laws and human rights.

As mentioned in other posts, these false allegations, long, delayed, and costly proceedings have been combined with a long term regime homicide strategy, repetitive radar energy assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, public places, court house, and weaponization of space aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain tumors, destroy fertility, .. , "you have to turn or die of cancer" "you have to run away or die of cancer", which would help circumvent wrong doing, human rights violations, exposure, and destroy the knowledge linked to a human rights defender and his website.


The hidden dictatorship model consists of secret police participants always watching, high surveillance, on the internet too, government public relations and false appearances, claims of democracy, freedom, but attacking citizens, leadership positions, human rights defenders,, through secret police participants, technology, weaponization of space, types of radar, focused ultrasound, focused x-rays, to inflict deadly cancers combined with regime and police denial.

Even over years and when obvious, I documented the first homicide attempt linked to cyberbullying suicides, and the long ongoing second homicide through cancer. It seems to involve the US and UK in partnership, the Star Wars program, for hidden occupation of countries, UKs like Canada and linked to war, German, Japan,,,Iraq, Libya,. UN, EU, and FR non responsive to basic human rights violations and demands for temporary refuge.


During the long and delayed court proceedings, the energy assaults from neighboring homes, types of radar, weaponization of space, I created videos to document my experience, my efforts to protect myself, encourage myself, and create exposure.


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@UN @WHO My experience, 672.12 (1)(3) non-criminal responsibility before trial in #Canada is used circumvent rights violations and trial.
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@UN @WHO Their higher courts have ruled 672.12 (1)(3) before trial "unlawful" but it remains in the code and granted by lower courts.
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@UN @WHO After demand for incarceration by Police for psychological evaluation rejected, released with this lower court assessment order.
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@UN @WHO I was than assaulted from neighboring homes with types of radar, and several police psychiatric intervention attempts, leads to ..
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@UN @WHO The several police psychiatric intervention attempts would lead to incarceration, participants, and the unlawful assessment order.
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@UN @WHO I was acquitted of "uttering threats" towards women in a published Mobbing Research article on CNN iReport 16 months later Jun 2012
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@UN @WHO During the long and delayed criminal proceedings the assaults are ongoing, once acquitted too, unable to address code violation.