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According to these article quotes, fluoride reduces iodine in the body and reduced iodine leads to lower child IQ.

The Fluoride Debate ..

"Iodine is also fairly easily displaced from the body by toxins called toxic halides… fluoride, bromine and chloride.


Fluoride is by far the worst culprit. Found in toothpaste and in the water supply, every time you take a shower, brush your teeth or drink from the tap, the body gets a little exposure to fluoride, leeching out good iodine. And contrary to popular belief, fluoridated water is actually rather poor at preventing tooth decay.

Why is it in our water supply then? Poor science combined with corporate greed and political ignorance paved the way. Basically a toxic by-product of aluminum production, fluoridation was sold as a way to prevent cavities because some areas with natural fluoride in the water also had lower instances of tooth decay. Based upon that spurious observation, fluoridation began.

It is indeed curious, when scrapped off aluminum refinery smokestacks, the fluoride is considered a hazardous waste. But put it in bags and dump it into the water supply, it somehow magically transforms itself into something beneficial."

From the IDD Newsletter Vol 41 Number 2 MAY 2013
In the UK and Australia, poor iodine intake in pregnancy predicts lower child IQ

"Iodine deficiency early in life is a major cause of preventable mental impairment worldwide. Every year, in developing countries, 38 million newborns are born iodine deficient. But newborns in industrialized
countries, such as the UK, USA, and Australia, are also vulnerable. As iodine deficiency has re-emerged in these countries, four
recent reports have pointed to the perils of even mild deficiency during