Sat, May

Mobbing in Modern Society
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Today's Tweets on Creating Justification Through Organized Crime

NEWS FLASH! Apparently, regimes whose secret police function through organized and corruption to subjugate the population, British regimes->

Even create the justification that they want through organized crime and terrorism, to help them subjugate the population too, surprised?

I wanted to write sarcasm and ridicule for today's tweets to make it obvious "NEWS FLASH" .. but just wrote a straight fact, info, not funny


The British regime strategy is to inflict damages, destroy fertility, financial loss, use their criminal harassment network in provocation.

It is the same criminal harassment network that I have been documenting for several years in public places linked to the regime.

The British regimes use this criminal harassment network and energy assault weapons, types of radar, weaponization of space for subjugation.

If the strategy to inflict damages and provocation results in violence, the regime wins, "a dangerous offender" and incarcerated.

If the strategy to inflict damages and provocation results in gun violence it is even better, advocate gun control, help hidden subjugation.