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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Three powerful members of society and mobbing victims: Michael Jackson, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Randy Quaid

Mobbing in Modern Society

Mobbing in Modern Society: Michael Jackson, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Randy Quaid

Michael Jackson
I believe Michael Jackson was mobbed, what happened to Michael matches a mobbing pattern and different mobbing tools. False allegations of pedophilia to bring down a powerful star, a previous conflict with the FBI over music and gun shots, and his sleep deprivation may have been due to the use of focused ultrasound technology, which is used to sleep deprive targets, destroy their functionality, and bankrupt them. The mob uses these combined with false allegations, and in Canada with different types of radar assaults aimed at inflicting deadly cancers and destroying fertility too. Some of those involved may have claimed that the allegations were false. More recently I mentioned how the British tyranny period matches the UN OHCHR position held by UK regimes, Canada 2004-2008, 2008- present South Africa. The false allegations or smear campaign to bring down this powerful star started in 2004 too.,32068,27610055001_1907285,00.html

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
I believe Dominique Strauss-Kahn was mobbed, what happened to Dominique matches a mobbing pattern and different tools. I believe he may have been setup, a smear campaign, sex scandals are used to target people in positions of power, it is seen in many organized crime movies. I remember the news frenzy and focus on sexual details. The head of the IMF and a top running election candidate in France. I think many people in positions of power and with political ambitions can learn from Dominique's experience and that of Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

This following comments are related to the topic of the video, the "perp walk". Mobbing "If you watch movies, they bring the accused in chains, the crowd or mob cheers or screams "guilty", stones, food, etc. the perp walk. It looks a bit like that and a smear campaign setup. Now imagine this happening to a top Democrat or Republican candidate away in Europe, instead of being isolated from the public cameras to avoid this type of scandal or media show."
Two years later, DSK still smarting over 'perp walk'

Randy Quaid
I believe Randy Quaid, his mobbing claims fit a mobbing pattern and different mobbing tools. Systematically surrounding targeted victims with participants, attacking, draining, exhausting their finances to push them to homelessness. All victims who claim to be mobbed are subject to the mobs ridicule and "you sound paranoid and delusional" to discredit victims and their claims of organized crime. What is "funny" to some Canadians is the fact that this journalist looks like a younger version of the former NDP and Liberal part leader, Bob Ray.

I also know that in Canada the secret police has exactly what Randy Quaid mentions, a criminal harassment network, and do use manipulation and strategy. It is linked to British regimes and hidden dictatorships, and these now include types of radar and focused ultrasound assaults to inflict a long term homicide, serious illness, deadly cancers, destroy fertility, and damage the brain, a technologically advanced East German secret police or tyranny.

I also believe his claims of homicides that look like suicides. I was the victim of one of these, there are several types. One involves the criminal harassment network mentioned, inflicting different "events", burnouts, or misery, see the movie clip Trading Places, depression, and repetitive suggestions to commit suicide. Another type is the use or "accidental" use of pain killers or other medications. And another one may involve sedatives and hangings, tying up and hangings.

Cancer, being the victim of a macromineral depletion strategy, sleep deprivation combined with threats, stress, high levels of cortisol, and adrenaline that depletes potassium, inflicts acid-base imbalance, depletes the bodies buffer system and calcium, focused ultrasound, energy assault weapons or types of radar from neighboring homes, underground emitters, weaponization of space, that target the shin bone, testicles, lungs, throat, and brain or to inflict brain tumors, possible different types of chemicals, I also know the British regimes are using cancer. I also believe that focused ultrasound is used to "burst blood vessels" in the brain or heart attack and used on my Godmothers nephew Jr. Racine (10) in the 1980's, to inflict brain tumors on a cousin of about the same age as me, Martine Villeyard (40). I have experienced all of these assaults since the false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a published Mobbing Research article on Feb 21, 2011, and currently using a faraday cage, dielectric materials, and bottles of water to shield myself from these types of radar microwaves and focused ultrasound.

see the Technology page for more of focused ultrasound and radar assaults.

Last note, I believed Michael was being mobbed, false allegations, and he died exactly 1 month before my date of birth on June 25, 2009, which is another strange coincidence.