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Today's Tweets on Canada, Pakistan, and Guantanamo

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Today's Tweets on Canada, Pakistan, and Guantanamo

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

Today's Tweets on Canada, Pakistan, and Guantanamo

The British regime secret police participants keep repeating ideation about mob, biker gangs, mafia, in attempts to hide themselves.

They use cycles of tyranny tyranny for control and subjugation that match their position period as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

As mentioned the British are in Pakistan, Canada gave them nuclear weapons, using all the British tricks, creating justification, tyranny..

In Canada the courts tried to use non-criminal responsibility before trial to circumvent my right to trial, make seizure legal, delays.

Long and costly proceeding while being assaulted with different types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, regime homicide.

In the U.S. they are circumventing international and U.S. law with Guantanamo base, long delays ..

The regime criminal harassment network is also into acid-base imbalance, macromineral depletion, this was used at Guantanamo, liquid diet.

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