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Today's Tweets on Zimmerman and Black Community

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Today's Tweets on Zimmerman and Black Community

Zimmerman, my impression of what happened is linked to the U.S. gun control issue, the topic that was on the news. ->

Zimmerman followed Trayvon, told not to by law enforcement, caused an altercation, and shot him. This is legal .. upsetting.

Zimmerman, so rally the black community and march for civil rights and gun control, it started at first and then stopped, ->

The new focus is now on the law by the black community, Eric Holder, .. ,

What stands between subjugation and tyranny is the right to bear arms, an increase in tyranny would be blamed on the black community (QC) ->

I see this strange "blame strategy" because in Canada the British regime is causing rage shootings and used the french to pass gun control..

Now citizens are not only targeted for poverty, welfare, .. , they are assaulted by armed secret police participants, types of radar, ->

The weaponization of space, to damage the brain and destroy fertility, ethnic cleansing, which could happen in the states too aimed at them.

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