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Mobbing in Modern Society
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The British hidden dictatorship idea in modern society is to concentrate wealth, nobles, and create a hierarchy where everyone has a boss or they are homeless.

With welfare, anyone on welfare must be pushed into organized crime or subjugated by the mob, a boss, controlled by the secret police.

They have cycles of tyranny for control, subjugation, crush business, target citizens of interest, and concentrate wealth followed by the illusion of change. In some cases they crash the economy, defame capitalism as the culprit, give leadership to a social or labor party as the economy struggles to recover, people live in hardship, and assign blame to them.

They advocate a defenseless population to tyranny and subjugation, and subjugate the population through their secret police, corruption, and organized crime, which means that their claims that their citizens have rights and freedom, civil rights, for public relations is actually worthless.

In Canada they have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks along with radar energy assault weapons in public places, from neighboring homes, underground emitters, and weaponization of space. They corner target citizens through the use of homelessness. With welfare they use corruption or citizens are cornered through regime and police denial about the of energy assault weapons. The strategy is to subjugate or degrade targeted citizens by inflicting deadly cancers, damaging the brain, destroying fertility, and disfiguring them through cancer (Roger Ebert) similar to the acid violence victims in Bangladesh and Pakistan. This strategy also seems to be applied to countries that they attempt to subjugate or degrade, destroy their cities and economy.

Censorship, while claiming to have a free press, is applied through the secret police and subjugated individuals in the media. These seem to use ambiguities linked to targeted citizens, "not censored", in attempts to hide obvious censorship from targeted citizens or deceive them.

Isolation: The criminal harassment network and secret police use different threats, threats to the means of subsistence, homelessness, and deception, those wishing to help the "police", join a powerful hidden society, etc, to isolate targeted citizens through subjugation and participation of those that surround them, family, friends, neighbors, etc.

Weapons: Targeted citizens are faced with weapons assaults aimed at inflicting death on a longer term, aimed at inflicting deadly cancers. The two weapons already mentioned are different types of radar and focused ultrasound.

Strategy: The strategy is regime and police denial. The solution is simple, victims need microwave spectrum detection equipment or RF Police to detect radar microwave assaults from neighboring homes, underground emitters, and weaponization of space or the assaults stop to avoid detection. In Canada victims are faced with denial and threats of police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

Justification: Their secret police who function through corruption, organized crime, claim that their citizens have rights and freedoms on paper for deception and public relations, hidden dictatorships who try to portray themselves as a democracy, human rights supporters, law abiding, create the justification for what they want. One example is the cause of rage shootings linked to abuse by participants and homelessness while claiming not to know the cause of these and using stereotypes or rhetoric to mislead the general population. Other examples are acts of organized crime, acts of terror, and acts of terrorism to justify cracking down on a population and removing or weakening their civil rights. Hidden dictatorships creating justification for more control over the population, subjugation, turn rebellious countries into Ireland for decades or eventually removed like in the U.S., India, .. .

Words to Watch For

"law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about"

"the proper authorities need to investigate this"

The strategy is to eliminate the means of subsistence, inflict deadly cancers, subjugation, and with time to assign blame by the "proper authorities" and escape wrong doing or human rights violations.

"It's Organized Crime and Not Tyranny" this is the main strategy of British hidden dictatorships and their secret police.

Regime Subjugation and Homicide Strategy: The regime homicide strategy is use police false allegation and attack citizens through the secret police and organized crime, energy assault weapons, etc. The blame is directed at the police, biker gangs, mafia, other countries, etc, but not the regime or the British.