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Today's tweets Climate Change and Acts of Terror

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Today's tweets Climate Change and Acts of Terror:

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

Climate Change, it seems that North America was not ready for climate change, hurricanes, floods, drought, .. , due to denial, repression?

The climate change and mass extinction page was created to warn about this real danger, increasing volcanic activity, mass extinction.

The World Trade ? .. in Europe ruled several weeks ago that the Canadian tar sands were dirty, and recently Calgary was flooded too.

I have not heard of the U.S. EPA, which may agree with Europe, and now a train derailment may be an Act of Terror in Quebec.

I know that the Canadian secret police criminal harassment network is behind the cause of Acts of Terror to advocate Gun Control.

They use homelessness and energy assault weapons to corner citizens for subjugation, provocation, influence of mind for retaliation, AoT

I defenseless population to subjugation and tyranny, concentration of wealth for control, and homicides through cancer, serious illness, PR

Why would this train derailment be an Act of Terror in Quebec like 911 in the U.S., or to advocate gun control?

I did have a climate change website and facebook page, both were deleted, like PHIA, when I was incarcerated, false allegations, strg timing

I've mentioned often, since this is ongoing, false allegations combined with energy assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers.

Receiving metal plates $250 shipment today to add to faraday cage, these radar type assaults are linked to Canadian regime and police denial

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