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Today's tweets from Radar Energy Weapon Assault Victim in Canada:

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Today's tweets from Radar Energy Weapon Assault Victim in Canada:

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The regime strategy consists of eliminating means of subsistence, denial, targeted citizens have no money for shield materials, RF detection

In my case false allegation were used to deplete finances, trap me, and assault me during this 16 month period of time.

The shielding materials were very costly, iron plates for faraday cage, copper wires, dielectric materials like travertine, a type of marble

I still cannot function in the home, prevented from protecting myself by parents, and turned into microwave oven, "turkey in a barrel".

Assaulted when preparing food, taking baths, cleaning the home, cleaning dishes, a look at TV events, .., etc.

With a lot of money the solution is simple, with limited resources the solution takes a long time, increase risk of cancer, infertility, etc

I just purchased more metal plates to increase shielding, $250, and will start working on the equipment part. see the Radar Assault page.

As mentioned, microwave spectrum equipment or RF police solves the problems, proves the claims or the assaults stop, smart criminals.

Threats and other problem, I'm permitted to stay, save rent cost, but participating parents that interfere with protection measures.

Threats and other problem, threats of psychiatric intervention for protection measures, purchases, and deceased functionality, hygiene.

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