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Mobbing in Modern Society
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A letter to President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden about the weaponization of space, domestic control, and subjugation.

Dear President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden

In Canada energy assault weapons are being used for subjugation or degradation, murder through different deadly cancers like brain tumors. The Canadian British regime has extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks along with the use of these weapons, types of radar, and focused ultrasound.

The energy assault weapons are a variety of different types such as assaults from neighboring homes, the sides, underground emitters that are slipped under a home and that shoot upwards from the basement floor, the bottom, and the weaponization of space, the top.

The criminal harassment participants indicate different motives or perpetrators to mislead targeted citizens. I believe that the assaults from the weaponization of space are from the common wealth countries, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, .. , and used as mention for domestic control and subjugation. My experience is that these regimes secret police function through corruption, organized crime, and tyranny for domestic subjugation while presenting themselves as law abiding, human rights supporting, and advocate gun control, a defenseless population to tyranny and subjugation.

The criminal harassment participants and many people aim blame at the United States because of their publicly known 1980's Ronald Reagan Star Wars program.

I would like to know what measures the United States has to assure its citizens that the weaponization of space is not or will not be used for domestic subjugation along with regime and police denial like in Canada, and is not involved in the assaults in Canada or other foreign countries?

Danny Hunt

Psychological Harassment Information Association

PS. My cousin Martine Villeyard of about the same age as me recently died of a brain tumor. I believe she may have been targeted for subjugation. I also remember Ted Kennedy falling victim to a brain tumor.