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Mobbing in Modern Society
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Today's tweets on Ethnic Cleansing Strategy and Subjugation or Degradation Strategy:

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

Today's tweets on Ethnic Cleansing Strategy and Subjugation or Degradation Strategy:

"Again tonight in Canada the energy assaults focus on the testicles, throat and jaw, and the head and brain." - Danny Hunt

Another acid violence attack in Pakistan, Canada's (candu) nuclear missile friend, same British secret police strategy subjugate or degrade.

In the french province of Quebec the regime secret police basically have the police and participants involved in ethnic cleansing like Iraq.

Note: Their subjugation or degradation strategy involves attempting to deplete finances or eliminate the means of subsistence, trap them in poverty, welfare, or criminal proceedings through false allegations while assaulting them with energy assault weapons, types of radar, aimed at the testicles to destroy fertility and deadly cancers like brain tumors, lung cancer, leukemia, throat and jaw (Roger Ebert). Once acquitted the assaults do not stop linked to the ongoing homicide attempt, attempts to eliminate means of subsistence "you have to run away", and a link to most crimes and ethnic cleansing, attempts to conceal this from the international community.

People use the word Hitler often to refer to a tyrannical government, an exaggeration, but the pattern is the same or very similar in cases of ethnic cleansing, it involves land, wealth, and attempts to hide the crime. I was told by an English professor that medieval kings and queens persecuted the Jews each time they needed money for war, or a justification to deplete them like ....... , Hitler did the same thing, he persecuted the Jews and took their wealth, land and assets, and tried to hide the crime from the international community.

see the article for more

With the British regimes and their secret police it is always "it's organized crime and not tyranny", and their crime involves technology, types of radar, cancer, and deception.

Reports of tyranny and ethnic cleansing in Quebec Canada

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