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Ethnic Cleansing in Canada?

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The french province has been involved in talks of sovereignty, separation, referendums for years.

Notes, the secret police subjugate the population through organized crime, corruption, participants, they corner targeted citizens through homelessness. Quebec from what I believe has always had strong social values, welfare, or values aimed at protecting the homelessness, the tool used for subjugation. The British regimes control the economy, jobs, etc, but with welfare even a repressed or oppressed french population could flourish.

The British have now extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar, to subjugate the population through organized crime. One of the targeted areas that they focus on are the testicles, which destroys the fertility of the males targeted.

Gun Rights and British Patterns

Quebecers were used to pass gun control, gun rights that deter tyranny and subjugation by the Canadian British regime, and their own police are involved in routines that involves the use of radar aimed at the testicles, ethnic cleansing of Quebecers too. - Danny Hunt

"Not ethnic cleansing aimed at QC, it's a routine to incarcerate targeted citizens and provide participating defense lawyers" - Canada

"Not ethnic cleansing aimed at QC, it's a routine and welfare cost saving measure, too many Quebecers have children on welfare" - Canada

Two Movie Illustrations of Tyranny, Blood Lines and The Brazen Bull (see the article for more)

Today's tweets on Tyranny, Canada, Pakistan, British regimes:

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In Canada subjugation or degradation involves radar assaults, infertility, Quebec. Pakistan it involves acid violence, land disputes.

The British concentrate wealth and subjugate the population through their secret police, organized crime, and tyranny.

Do the British own most of the unsafe buildings in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Canada armed Pakistan with cando reactors, nuclear missiles.

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I see a big shadow in the fog so I called Steven Harper, David Cameron, and British to ask if they see it clearly "the British in Canada are destroying the fertility of Quebecers with radar and in Pakistan they are throwing acid in the face of women over land disputes."

Two Choices

The police women involved with the secret police, mob, participants can claim:

1. that they wanted to hurt males by destroying their masculinity and fertility, which is directly linked to ethnic cleansing.

2. that they felt more masculine, tough, powerful, "I castrated another guy today", and it helped them fit in with a male dominated workplace.

I would go with option 2, some kind of victim of British manipulation and trickery, which deceived them, and hid their participation in ethnic cleansing.