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Reports of tyranny and ethnic cleansing in Quebec Canada

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Two movies illustrations of tyranny in Canada and British regimes, Cutting Blood Lines or Ethnic Cleansing, and The Brazen Bull, repetitive radar assaults to "cook" victims and inflict painful deadly cancers.

And a blog about freedom of expression, Canadian "free press", U.S. gun control debate, Newton, Julian Assange, British hypocrisy, false pretenses, and circumventing laws or rights.

Immortals, Tyranny and Blood Lines, Fertility
A movie illustration of destroying a person's fertility, blood line, or ethnic cleansing. In the movie the person is cornered and his fertility destroyed.

Ethnic Cleansing in Canada?

The french province has been involved in talks of sovereignty, separation, referendums for years.

Notes, the secret police subjugate the population through organized crime, corruption, participants, they corner targeted citizens through homelessness. Quebec from what I believe has always had strong social values, welfare, or values aimed at protecting the homelessness, the tool used for subjugation. The British regimes control the economy, jobs, etc, but with welfare even a repressed or oppressed french population could flourish.

The British have now extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar, to subjugate the population through organized crime. One of the targeted areas that they focus on are the testicles, which destroys the fertility of the males targeted.

The authorities deny the existence of this criminal harassment network, their use of energy assault weapons, and the solution by the authorities and police for victims of these assaults is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.


"British regimes like Canada are actually doing this by cornering or trapping citizens in criminal proceedings and using repetitive radar assaults aimed at the testicles. The English British regime of Canada is doing this in the French province of Quebec, which is linked to ethnic cleansing." - Danny Hunt

"The Canadian secret police still using poverty, welfare, homelessness, to corner targeted QC citizens, added radar tech to destroy fertility."


The Canadian British regime is using energy assault weapons, types of radar, and focused ultrasound technology from neighboring apartments, homes, underground emitters, and weaponization of space. So even with a secure means of subsistence or welfare citizens are still cornered through the regimes denial of their use and police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

In Canada subjugation or degradation involves radar assaults, infertility, Quebec. Pakistan it involves acid violence, land disputes.

The British concentrate wealth and subjugate the population through their secret police, organized crime, and tyranny.

Do the British own most of the unsafe buildings in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Canada armed Pakistan with cando reactors, nuclear missiles.

Land Disputes

In Pakistan and Bangladesh the beauty of a women is destroyed to destroy an asset of the family over land disputes.

In Iraq the Kurdish people were gassed when they were a majority over oil territory, land disputes.

According to a past English teacher of mine the British medieval kings and queens would persecute the Jews every time they needed money, land and assets, for war, it seems Hitler did the same thing, he persecuted the Jews and took their money, and this is linked to ethnic cleansing and holocaust.

Summary and Conclusion

Ethnic Cleansing in English Canada, the French Province Quebec

The Canadian British regime has extended workplace psychological harassment networks to criminal harassment networks along with energy assault weapons in Quebec, types of radar. They are using a subjugation or degradation strategy, inflicting deadly cancers, brain damage, disfigure, and destroy fertility. One main focus area of these assaults are the testicles to destroy masculinity and fertility, which is linked to ethnic cleansing of the french in the french Province of Quebec, separation, referendums, and land disputes.

Immortals, Tyranny and Brazen Bull

A movie illustration of what British regimes are doing to citizens in Canada, they "cook" them with repetitive radar assaults in attempts to inflict deadly and painful cancers.

Victims need a faraday cage, thick metal and grounded copper wires, to escape the assaults.

"Journal Entry June 18, 2013 Bone Cancer

I am under high surveillance and harassment in Laval Quebec Canada. I ordered my groceries and had them delivered. Criminal harassment participants were trying to lead me to believe that the secret police added something in a Greek yogurt to help contribute to bone cancer along with the ongoing radar assaults that were combined with the false allegations of Feb 21, 2011."

"According to criminal harassment participants, they want me to scream once in the hospital, in pain, suffering from bone cancer, that its the Greeks and not the secret police, give me morphine."

Ethnic Cleansing in Canada article sent to UNCHR and WHO

Ethnic Cleansing in Canada article sent to WikiLeaks and Guardian

It's Like a Mystery Novel, You Won't Believe It

s.227 Homicides Through Influence of the Mind (repeal 1999)

I experienced a homicide method through influence of the mind around this period of time and have documented the strategy and method used on the site in articles and different pages.

s.672.12 (1)(3) Non-criminal Responsibility Assessment orders (not repealed)

I experienced a second homicide attempt method, which is ongoing. This second attempt involves repetitive energy assaults, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain damage and brain tumors, testicles and "castration", jaw and throat to disfigure aka Roger Ebert. This second attempt was combined with false allegations, which trap or corner a person in long criminal proceedings while being assaulted, drain finances that would be used for shielding materials or faraday cage, and used s.672.12 (1)(3) before trial, which is "unlawful" according to high court rulings. It can find a person guilty without a trial, circumvents charter of rights violations presented at trial, and makes unlawful seizures of personal computers legal. The radar microwave assaults are combined with several police psychiatric interventions that leads to incarceration as defendants attempt to appeal this "unlawful" assessment order before trial and pressured through threats of incarceration if they do not complete it as the appeals are delayed or "cease to exist" in court.

After being acquitted I tried to address this law that violates the higher court rulings, right to a trial, etc, but could not continue due to organized crime and the ongoing assaults. So this law has not been corrected or repealed and lower court judges can still grant these "unlawful" assessment orders to crown prosecutors, which results in long and expensive proceedings for those who try to appeal this assessment order.

What is interesting, what "you won't believe", is that they are both linked to a homicide method by organized crime, s.227 used to prosecute homicides was repealed, s.672.12 used in a homicide method could not be repealed and still in the Canadian Criminal Code.

PHIA tweets ‏@PHIAtweets

Mov illustration of what British regimes are doing with radar assaults to "cook" victims, and inflict painful cancers

Jr. Racine burst blood vessel in the brain (10), Martin Villiard brain tumor (40), Danny Hunt ongoing attempts radar and focused ultrasound.

Ethnic Cleansing in Canada? Radar assaults to destroy the fertility of males in the french province of Quebec.


A blog in response to CBC's news article "U.S. gun control: What's changed 6 months after Newtown?"

U.S. gun control: What's changed 6 months after Newtown?


"After over two years the CBC still has not mentioned the obvious charter of rights and freedoms violation that involves freedom of expression, the "free press".

After over two years following false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a Mobbing Research published article that were combine with ongoing energy assault weapons, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, testicles and castration, and disfiguring me aka Roger Ebert, "you have to run away or die of cancer" "you have to turn aka be subjugated or die of cancer" a subjugation or degradation strategy similar to the one used in Pakistan and Bangladesh, British regimes, on women through acid violence, the Canadian regime still has no solution to offer or offer for help, faraday cage materials for protection, equipment to detect and locate the origins of the assaults, except police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

British regimes like Canada subjugate the population through corruption, organized crime, and tyranny. Their secret police and participants use strategy to create justification, violence to incarcerate targeted individuals, gun violence to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to hidden subjugation and tyranny. The secret police, police, participants, are involved in using homelessness to corner targeted citizens for subjugation or degradation. I remember the CBC focusing on an Arab father in the Marc Lepine crime while the experts focused on homelessness. A typed suicide letter was provided 2 to 5 days after his death that stated his crime was caused not because he was on the edge of homelessness, but because he hated women, Quebec the French province passed gun control for the English British Canadian regime.

British regimes and their secret police have extended workplace psychological harassment strategies to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar to subjugate the population. They target citizens and human rights defenders that document these.

In the workplace employers with participating employees using strategy and creating justification to justify taking action or control is not obvious to most employees, it is the same thing in the world of hidden dictatorships and British regimes. Their secret police function through organized crime, corruption, participants and even terrorists to create justification to weaken civil rights and liberties." - Danny Hunt

Julian Assange's asylum stalemate no nearer resolution one year on

"It seems as if there is a plan or collusion, false allegations in Sweden to extradite Assange to Sweden and once in Sweden extradition to the U.S. instead of the U.K. or other British regime extraditing Assange.

I have also faced this kind of behavior in a British regime, circumventing laws through a plan or collusion in Canada, which also involved human rights violations. The South African UN High Commissioner from another British regime also dismissed these obvious human rights violations in Canada's Criminal Code, freedom of expression, unlawful seizures of personal computers, and the right to a trial." - Danny Hunt

U.K. Scenario

The U.K. does not want to get involved in extradition to the U.S. given their strong support for the freedom of the press, uncensored, uncontrolled, it is the Labor party according to the current ruling conservative government and PM David Cameron who currently want to add over-site to the media following a cell phone hack, nude pictures of Kate taken from a street, and ridiculing the Queen and Kate, which led to a mother of two hanging herself. They do plan on extraditing Julian Assange to Sweden to face criminal allegations, his condom broke when involved with two women in sexual relations.

More Tweets, June 22

Today's tweets on Radar Assaults in Canada: PHIA tweets @PHIAtweets

"The solution suggested by participants and criminal harassment network is to run away, which eliminates their means of subsistence." - DH

"The solution of the authorities in Canada for victims of energy assaults is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration."

"No offers of help by the authorities, shielding materials, equipment to detect and locate the origins of these" - DH

"I am still being assaulted by energy weapons, types of radar aimed at deadly cancers in Canada" - DH

We created the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cages, and Technology pages to provide information regarding these technology and science issues that victims are faced with.

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Mov illustration of what British regimes are doing with radar assaults to "cook" victims, and inflict painful cancers The Brazen Bull

Jr. Racine burst blood vessel in the brain (10), Martin Villiard brain tumor (40), Danny Hunt ongoing attempts radar and focused ultrasound.

Ethnic Cleansing in Canada? Radar assaults to destroy the fertility of males in the french province of Quebec.

"Not ethnic cleansing aimed at QC, it's a routine to incarcerate targeted citizens and provide participating defense lawyers" - Canada

"Not ethnic cleansing aimed at QC, it's a routine and welfare cost saving measure, too many Quebecers have children on welfare" - Canada

Gun Rights and British Patterns

Quebecers were used to pass gun control, gun rights that deter tyranny and subjugation by the Canadian British regime, and their own police are involved in routines that involves the use of radar aimed at the testicles, ethnic cleansing of Quebecers too. - Danny Hunt