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It's Like a Mystery Novel, You Won't Believe It

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It's Like a Mystery Novel, You Won't Believe It

s.227 Homicides Through Influence of the Mind (repeal 1999)

I experienced a homicide method through influence of the mind around this period of time and have documented the strategy and method used on the site in articles and different pages.

s.672.12 (1)(3) Non-criminal Responsibility Assessment orders (not repealed)

I experienced a second homicide attempt method, which is ongoing. This second attempt involves repetitive energy assaults, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, brain damage and brain tumors, testicles and "castration", jaw and throat to disfigure aka Roger Ebert. This second attempt was combined with false allegations, which trap or corner a person in long criminal proceedings while being assaulted, drain finances that would be used for shielding materials or faraday cage, and used s.672.12 (1)(3) before trial, which is "unlawful" according to high court rulings. It can find a person guilty without a trial, circumvents charter of rights violations presented at trial, and makes unlawful seizures of personal computers legal. The radar microwave assaults are combined with several police psychiatric interventions that leads to incarceration as defendants attempt to appeal this "unlawful" assessment order before trial and pressured through threats of incarceration if they do not complete it as the appeals are delayed or "cease to exist" in court.

After being acquitted I tried to address this law that violates the higher court rulings, right to a trial, etc, but could not continue due to organized crime and the ongoing assaults. So this law has not been corrected or repealed and lower court judges can still grant these "unlawful" assessment orders to crown prosecutors, which results in long and expensive proceedings for those who try to appeal this assessment order.

What is interesting, what "you won't believe", is that they are both linked to a homicide method by organized crime, s.227 used to prosecute homicides was repealed, s.672.12 used in a homicide method could not be repealed and still in the Canadian Criminal Code.

What may be interesting to some are the numbers 27 and 72, numbers in reverse order or that can symbolize a beginning and an end.