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Mobbing in Modern Society
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"It seems as if there is a plan or collusion, false allegations in Sweden to extradite Assange to Sweden and once in Sweden extradition to the U.S. instead of the U.K. or other British regime extraditing Assange.

I have also faced this kind of behavior in a British regime, circumventing laws through a plan or collusion in Canada, which also involved human rights violations. The South African UN High Commissioner from another British regime also dismissed these obvious human rights violations in Canada's Criminal Code, freedom of expression, unlawful seizures of personal computers, and the right to a trial." - Danny Hunt

U.K. Scenario

The U.K. does not want to get involved in extradition to the U.S. given their strong support for the freedom of the press, uncensored, uncontrolled, it is the Labor party according to the current ruling conservative government and PM David Cameron who currently want to add over-site to the media following a cell phone hack, nude pictures of Kate taken from a street, and ridiculing the Queen and Kate, which led to a mother of two hanging herself. They do plan on extraditing Julian Assange to Sweden to face criminal allegations, his condom broke when involved with two women in sexual relations.