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U.S. gun control: What's changed 6 months after Newtown? CBC - (blog)

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A blog in response to CBC's news article "U.S. gun control: What's changed 6 months after Newtown?"

U.S. gun control: What's changed 6 months after Newtown?


"After over two years the CBC still has not mentioned the obvious charter of rights and freedoms violation that involves freedom of expression, the "free press".

After over two years following false allegations of uttering threats towards women in a Mobbing Research published article that were combine with ongoing energy assault weapons, types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, testicles and castration, and disfiguring me aka Roger Ebert, "you have to run away or die of cancer" "you have to turn aka be subjugated or die of cancer" a subjugation or degradation strategy similar to the one used in Pakistan and Bangladesh, British regimes, on women through acid violence, the Canadian regime still has no solution to offer or offer for help, faraday cage materials for protection, equipment to detect and locate the origins of the assaults, except police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

British regimes like Canada subjugate the population through corruption, organized crime, and tyranny. Their secret police and participants use strategy to create justification, violence to incarcerate targeted individuals, gun violence to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to hidden subjugation and tyranny. The secret police, police, participants, are involved in using homelessness to corner targeted citizens for subjugation or degradation. I remember the CBC focusing on an Arab father in the Marc Lepine crime while the experts focused on homelessness. A typed suicide letter was provided 2 to 5 days after his death that stated his crime was caused not because he was on the edge of homelessness, but because he hated women, Quebec the French province passed gun control for the English British Canadian regime.

British regimes and their secret police have extended workplace psychological harassment strategies to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar to subjugate the population. They target citizens and human rights defenders that document these.

In the workplace employers with participating employees using strategy and creating justification to justify taking action or control is not obvious to most employees, it is the same thing in the world of hidden dictatorships and British regimes. Their secret police function through organized crime, corruption, participants and even terrorists to create justification to weaken civil rights and liberties." - Danny Hunt