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Mobbing in Modern Society
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British regimes are using energy assault weapons to subjugate or degrade targeted citizens and population while advocating gun control. The same subjugate or degrade strategy is used in Quebec, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Two homicide strategies, one is through deadly cancers, brain tumors, etc, the other through influence of the mind and suicide.

Killing by repetitive energy assault weapons, types of radar.

Subjugation or Degradation in Canada

The population is subjugated through organized crime in British regimes and Canada. When targeted by the secret police citizens are subjugated or degraded through repetitive energy assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, damaging the brain, and the testicles.

British regimes have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks along with energy assault weapons, types of different radar. When targeted for subjugation or degradation the victim is assaulted from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters, and the weaponization of space. They systematically subjugate friends and family members to isolate the targeted victim, and the means of subsistence are eliminated and exhausted to push the victim to homelessness. The attack or routine can take the form of police false allegations that are combined with these radar assaults, a smear campaign attempt, blame is directed at the police instead of the regime to deceive the victims and prevent exposure "they are cleaning" "you have to turn or die of cancer".

The solution offend to citizens by the regime and police is police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration.

Human Rights Issue, Quebec, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Human rights issue, targeted citizens in Quebec the french province of Canada, a British regime, are assaulted with types of radar aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, castration, damaging the brain, throat and jaw (Roger Ebert), and subjugation. It is the same type of subjugation or degradation strategy used against women in other British regimes, Pakistan and Bangladesh, acid violence to disfigure them when they refuse to be subjugated.

Human rights issue, British regimes like Canada have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks combined with energy assault weapons, types of radar, used from neighboring homes, public places, court house, underground emitters, and weaponization of space aimed at inflicting deadly cancers and degradation to subjugate the population through organized crime while advocating gun control.

Killing by influence on the mind 227. Repealed, 1999, c. 5, s. 9

In the workplace using psychological harassment and psychological manipulation to push targeted employees to burnouts and depression have been in practice for decades.

The British regimes have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks that once the targeted citizen is unemployed or dismissed and in a state of depression use influence of the mind, hate and rejection, and repetitive suggestions to hang yourself or kill yourself. Homicides through influence of the mind s.227 was repealed in Canada in 1999, which may be when this homicide through influence of the mind strategy was put into practice.

Creating Justification

Similar to the workplace and employers who create justification with the help of participating employees, British regimes create justification through organized crime, and even terrorists to take action, weaken civil rights and freedoms. This strategy is mentioned in the U.S. Gun Control Debate blog and Rage Shooting Factors page.

The experts on acid violence have claimed that acid violence is linked to subjugation, land disputes, destroying an asset, beauty, the Patriarchal mind set. More recently Mala a women activist was shot non-fatally in the head in Pakistan, treated in the U.K., and some in British regimes and news media are claiming that acid violence is about women right to education.

This seems to be the same misinformation regarding the media, the experts, police, and Marc Lepine crime that was used to advocate gun control in Quebec and Canada. The experts focused on homelessness, which is what the secret police, participants, criminal harassment network, and police are involved in to corner targeted citizens for subjugation, while the media focused on an Arab father.