Sat, May

Mobbing in Modern Society
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I believe that the Supreme Court in the U.S. is setting a terrible presidense, finger prints are not DNA or your unique DNA that big pharmaceuticals and government want to own. ..

Finger prints may be a standard routine, they don't have a value and research corporation don't want them or patent them in their research. A person's DNA is unique, private, and has a real value. It is not up for grabs through routines unless a person consents. The U.S. government is already collecting the DNA of every child born, possibly to protect them, DNA modifications could be used to inflict terrible diseases the same way new research tries to modify genes for cures.

So your private DNA obtained through routine, without a warrant, could even be used to attack you physically, instead of the standard framing a person threat."

In hidden dictatorships like British regimes that function through their secret police, corruption, organized crime, participants and criminal harassment networks, advocate gun control or create justification for gun control to subjugate the population through organized crime, this U.S. Supreme Court presidense if copied by them will only add to their arsenal of routines when they target a citizen.

Imagine being faced with false allegations in this kind of regime where the secret police and participants have your blood samples and hair, and take your DNA through routine without a warrant.

One routine that has been mentioned on this website in Canada, to give an example, is the use of false allegations combined with energy assault weapons, types of radar aimed at inflicting long term deadly cancers. It is part of a subjugate or degrade strategy used in British regimes. The police and participants use police psychiatric intervention that leads to incarceration and participating defense lawyers, and non-criminal responsibility "unlawful" assessment orders before trial that are still in the Canadian Criminal Code because organized crime prevents citizens from addressing their rights in court to modify or remove this abused law and prevent this "routine" organized crime strategy. The non-criminal responsibility assessment order before trial can find a defendant guilty without a trial, circumvent the presentation of charter of rights violations such as searching a home without a warrant, seizing personal computers without a warrant, and make copies of this "unlawful" seizure legal.