Thu, Feb

Facebook bows to campaign groups over 'hate speech'

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False pretenses and justification, would writing about the British regimes and exposing tyranny be called a hate campaign against the British?

Facebook has said it will review how it deals with "controversial, harmful and hateful" content after admitting current measures are not effective.

"In British regimes the secret police function through corruption, organized crime, and participants. The media is controlled and censored and they want social networks to build functions for participants and other users, the mob, to censor those targeted by them to prevent exposure. Facebook has already deleted our page twice with all of its fans, locked out the founder and creator of our website from his facebook account, and deleted other pages too about climate change."

The British secret police subjugate the population through organized crime and have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks and energy assault weapons, types of radar. They use abuse, inflict damages, and provocation to enrage targeted citizens. Any violence is used to incarcerate them and any gun violence is used to advocate gun control, a defenseless population to subjugation and tyranny. They are even using influence of the mind, repetitive suggestion to retaliate through violence and gun violence. Like in the workplace they create the justification that they want to take action, in their case it involves using participants and organized crime, and even terrorists to weaken civil rights and freedoms.

Hate speech against the British regimes?