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Mobbing in Modern Society
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The population is subjugated through organized crime in British regimes and Canada. When targeted by the secret police citizens are subjugated or degraded through repetitive energy assault weapons aimed at inflicting deadly cancers, damaging the brain, and the testicles.

Killing by repetitive energy assault weapons, types of radar.

British regimes have extended workplace psychological harassment to criminal harassment networks along with energy assault weapons, types of different radar. When targeted for subjugation or degradation the victim is assaulted from neighboring homes, public places, underground emitters, and the weaponization of space. They systematically subjugate friends and family members to isolate the targeted victim, and the means of subsistence are eliminated and exhausted to push the victim to homelessness. The attack or routine can take the form of police false allegations that are combined with these radar assaults, a smear campaign attempt, blame is directed at the police instead of the regime to deceive the victims and prevent exposure "they are cleaning" "you have to turn or die of cancer".